Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yesterday's brain dump wasn't too bad.  They are very supportive.  So I don't think it will be too bad.  =)  One more session to go today between 3 and 4 though.  Hopefully that will go smoothly as well. 

The work starts on this Friday.  My manager is going to show me how to do them properly and all.  Pretty excited about it. 

so.... I felt like super mean or something just a bit ago.  But am I really?  hahaha you to judge!!

My manager was in the lab and talking to me what kind of things that we can start doing on Friday.  So Mr. nose picker, who has been looking over at my shoulder the whole time like yesterday or days before.  Well, actually, I am going back a little, let's go back to yesterday.  haha... So we had the meeting between 2 and 3.  I got back to the lab around 3:10 or so.  Mr. nose guy was passed out... (maybe I should have let my manager walked in the front? evul??!??!? haha)  So I kinda woke him up when I close by.  Guess what? He stole my chair again!!! freaking ahole... It bugs the heck out of me...  (well, I already rent about it, so I am not going to do it again now :p)

Anyway, so manager talked to me some stuff, did a little recap about the meeting, showed me a couple things on the computer.  After he left, Mr. nose guy was like...

N: where have you been?
M: Meeting
================(continuing on Thursday now... cause he got back yesterday while I was writing, so I had to stop lol anyhow)
N: You should have told me.  I was looking for you.
M: ........
N: Are you going to do some deployment stuff?  (keep eyeing over at my screen mails.....)
M: Yeah
N: You should teach me new things too.
M: .... (almost laughed...) I just started learning too... I don't know how to teach you.
N: oh, I think I should learn too.
M: ...

That was on Tuesday.  So yes, Wednesday... He said that again (kinda) to my manager as well. 

(crap what did he started saying.... hmmmm I think we had a request about Betaprep, so my manager and I was talking about it.  And Mr. Nose guy kept like bugging into kinda.  He thought he has to deal with every single work items that we have or something.  So we told him, that's not in your work queue.  We will take care of it etc etc...)

N:  I think I should learn how to do it too
C (my manager): deployment?
N: yes
C: you interested in that too?
N: yes.  I think I should learn it too, in case Michael goes on vacation or something, I can help.
C: ....

(My manager did not say anything to that at all... I turned my head away and had to stop myself being so rude to laugh at his face.... I meant if you have read the previous rants that I had about him.  You could maybe tell why I wanted to laugh....  From the two meetings that I went to, there were like soooo much infos.  I really don't think Mr. Nose guy will be able to take in 1/4? of it.  Or what not.  He still doesn't even know how to expand a drive partition, for crying out loud.  Well, I am not trying to say I am a better person than him or whatever.  But he is really dumb.  (yap I said it and I meant it :p LOL)  I have a work item in queue yesterday, I am going to let him work on it today.  This is something that I had showed him 3 times? or something already.  So let see how well this one goes. 

Oh another thing, so my manager was here and looking at a debugging tool yesterday.  So he asked Mr. Nose guy to set it up on another machine. 

C:  Oh, there's a request to set it up on another machine too. Can you set it up?
N:  Yes.  I go create a ticket for it?
C:  No... There's already a request for it.  Have you done it before?
N:  No.  I have not.  (then he look at me...)  I will probably need Michael's help.
C:  Okay. 
M:  .....
So my manager left, and Mr. Nose Guy asked me how to set it up.  I gave him the instructions that I wrote down when my manager first showed me.  And believe me, it's a step by step by FKEN step instruction.  He looked at it and started ...
N:  Where is Perfmon?  How do I run it?
M: ..................................... You run it at Start...
N:  Oh.  (opens Perfmon) Where's this (item1)?
M:  (okay, all these was happening while I was monitoring another thing, trying to debug an issue) Look around.  It's there on the UI
N:  I can't find it.  Can you find it?
M:  (starting to get to me already....) No, it should be there, just look for it.
N:  I can't find it.  Can you show me once?  I will do it after.  (YEAH FKKING RIGHT, since WHEN could you do anything after the first time I show you.....)
M: It's there.  I am doing something different than yours.  Yours will be recording, mine does not.  Mine is live.
N:  Oh.  (He just sat there and look at my screen... and not look for the stupid (item1)  I was like.. wtf.... So I looked at my screen, and that thing is just like one thing below the first thing there... all you had to do is click on the fking + to expand I showed it to him..)
M: It's right here...........
N:  oh thanks.  (then he goes on following the steps, to the last step where you have to click Add) Where is Add?  I can't find it.
M: ......... What Add?  Look around for it. It should be there. 
N:  No, it's not here.  I can't find it at all.
M: ....................................................... It is there.  Have you followed every steps?
N:  Yes.
M:  (wtf... I actually haven't done it after the first time that my manager showed me.  So I wasn't 100% sure where that add button is off the top of my head as well.  But if it's in my instruction, it will be there.)
N:  Can you show me? (he just moved away from his computer and tried to ask me to work on his computer)
M:  ...........  (so I followed the instruction and tried it on my computer...  step by step... and the fking add is right there on the last screen of the instruction...) It's here...............
N:  Oh

Like wtf???!?  You can't even follow a step by step instruction and you want to start doing deployment that involves like I don't even know how many things.  From the Tuesday meeting, that part alone will involve like 20+ files for setting ups.  And you will have to do some in order, other wise it will break the deployment and the such.  That's why I laughed... 

So yeah... Let see how it goes with the machine rebuild today.  Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!


Mini said...

Omg he is sooo annoying! He can't even follow written instructions, how could he ever learn anything from the brain dump!!

Michael said...

lol He's pretty much so full of fails. I will update the other soon haha