Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yesterday's brain dump wasn't too bad.  They are very supportive.  So I don't think it will be too bad.  =)  One more session to go today between 3 and 4 though.  Hopefully that will go smoothly as well. 

The work starts on this Friday.  My manager is going to show me how to do them properly and all.  Pretty excited about it. 

so.... I felt like super mean or something just a bit ago.  But am I really?  hahaha you to judge!!

My manager was in the lab and talking to me what kind of things that we can start doing on Friday.  So Mr. nose picker, who has been looking over at my shoulder the whole time like yesterday or days before.  Well, actually, I am going back a little, let's go back to yesterday.  haha... So we had the meeting between 2 and 3.  I got back to the lab around 3:10 or so.  Mr. nose guy was passed out... (maybe I should have let my manager walked in the front? evul??!??!? haha)  So I kinda woke him up when I close by.  Guess what? He stole my chair again!!! freaking ahole... It bugs the heck out of me...  (well, I already rent about it, so I am not going to do it again now :p)

Anyway, so manager talked to me some stuff, did a little recap about the meeting, showed me a couple things on the computer.  After he left, Mr. nose guy was like...

N: where have you been?
M: Meeting
================(continuing on Thursday now... cause he got back yesterday while I was writing, so I had to stop lol anyhow)
N: You should have told me.  I was looking for you.
M: ........
N: Are you going to do some deployment stuff?  (keep eyeing over at my screen mails.....)
M: Yeah
N: You should teach me new things too.
M: .... (almost laughed...) I just started learning too... I don't know how to teach you.
N: oh, I think I should learn too.
M: ...

That was on Tuesday.  So yes, Wednesday... He said that again (kinda) to my manager as well. 

(crap what did he started saying.... hmmmm I think we had a request about Betaprep, so my manager and I was talking about it.  And Mr. Nose guy kept like bugging into kinda.  He thought he has to deal with every single work items that we have or something.  So we told him, that's not in your work queue.  We will take care of it etc etc...)

N:  I think I should learn how to do it too
C (my manager): deployment?
N: yes
C: you interested in that too?
N: yes.  I think I should learn it too, in case Michael goes on vacation or something, I can help.
C: ....

(My manager did not say anything to that at all... I turned my head away and had to stop myself being so rude to laugh at his face.... I meant if you have read the previous rants that I had about him.  You could maybe tell why I wanted to laugh....  From the two meetings that I went to, there were like soooo much infos.  I really don't think Mr. Nose guy will be able to take in 1/4? of it.  Or what not.  He still doesn't even know how to expand a drive partition, for crying out loud.  Well, I am not trying to say I am a better person than him or whatever.  But he is really dumb.  (yap I said it and I meant it :p LOL)  I have a work item in queue yesterday, I am going to let him work on it today.  This is something that I had showed him 3 times? or something already.  So let see how well this one goes. 

Oh another thing, so my manager was here and looking at a debugging tool yesterday.  So he asked Mr. Nose guy to set it up on another machine. 

C:  Oh, there's a request to set it up on another machine too. Can you set it up?
N:  Yes.  I go create a ticket for it?
C:  No... There's already a request for it.  Have you done it before?
N:  No.  I have not.  (then he look at me...)  I will probably need Michael's help.
C:  Okay. 
M:  .....
So my manager left, and Mr. Nose Guy asked me how to set it up.  I gave him the instructions that I wrote down when my manager first showed me.  And believe me, it's a step by step by FKEN step instruction.  He looked at it and started ...
N:  Where is Perfmon?  How do I run it?
M: ..................................... You run it at Start...
N:  Oh.  (opens Perfmon) Where's this (item1)?
M:  (okay, all these was happening while I was monitoring another thing, trying to debug an issue) Look around.  It's there on the UI
N:  I can't find it.  Can you find it?
M:  (starting to get to me already....) No, it should be there, just look for it.
N:  I can't find it.  Can you show me once?  I will do it after.  (YEAH FKKING RIGHT, since WHEN could you do anything after the first time I show you.....)
M: It's there.  I am doing something different than yours.  Yours will be recording, mine does not.  Mine is live.
N:  Oh.  (He just sat there and look at my screen... and not look for the stupid (item1)  I was like.. wtf.... So I looked at my screen, and that thing is just like one thing below the first thing there... all you had to do is click on the fking + to expand I showed it to him..)
M: It's right here...........
N:  oh thanks.  (then he goes on following the steps, to the last step where you have to click Add) Where is Add?  I can't find it.
M: ......... What Add?  Look around for it. It should be there. 
N:  No, it's not here.  I can't find it at all.
M: ....................................................... It is there.  Have you followed every steps?
N:  Yes.
M:  (wtf... I actually haven't done it after the first time that my manager showed me.  So I wasn't 100% sure where that add button is off the top of my head as well.  But if it's in my instruction, it will be there.)
N:  Can you show me? (he just moved away from his computer and tried to ask me to work on his computer)
M:  ...........  (so I followed the instruction and tried it on my computer...  step by step... and the fking add is right there on the last screen of the instruction...) It's here...............
N:  Oh

Like wtf???!?  You can't even follow a step by step instruction and you want to start doing deployment that involves like I don't even know how many things.  From the Tuesday meeting, that part alone will involve like 20+ files for setting ups.  And you will have to do some in order, other wise it will break the deployment and the such.  That's why I laughed... 

So yeah... Let see how it goes with the machine rebuild today.  Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exciting week ahead

It's almost Monday.  It's almost here...

I am so excited about the new week, but also nervous about it.  I am going to start training Monday or a day after that.  It's for something that I have not done before.  I am bit nervous about it.  But my manager said he will help me with it, so I am a bit less worrying about it haha.  But still though, I think he sees and thinks a lot for me, so I don't want to disappoint him. Gotta work hard...  So new week, new challenge, I am ready for ya.  :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GAWD please help that Sears Chick

Oh my gawd!!!  That Sears chick is piece of #!$#$!!! 

So woke up this morning, was going to put on those shirts that I got last weekend from Sears... picked it up... "What's this sound I am hearing?"  It was like something dangling on the sleeves... Took a look... That stupid chick forgot to take those security thingys off!!! On both of my shirts!!  Piece of %!^$%#$  I thought those will make the thing go off if you don't have them off.... But I guess appearently not.  Now, I have no shirt to wear AND have to go back to Sears this weekend or something and get them off.  Cause it says on those things, "Attempt to break this will result in the ink break" or some crap like that.  Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So mad!!  I hope they don't think I stole these when I go in... It will be funny if they do... Better go find my receipt when I go home today...

On top of that, got a mail at work today with information about the tolling on i-520.  That's totally bull!  Well, I don't have to use that bridge like... ever, cause it's not on my route.  Thank god!!!  They are tolling $3.50 each way from 7 am to 9am.  Then other rates during the other times...  That's totally insane.  That bridge only have like two lanes.  And pretty much traffic jam every single day.  And they are going to toll the people for that much to build a new one or something.  Feel sorry for those who has to use it... (but on the other hand... also thanks to that, they are not taking out it on tax...)  Oh well, I don't know...  But I really think this might f up the route I am using.  I take the other bridge to work i-90.  (There are like only 2 bridges to cross the lake lol)  I guess they are not overly close, so people might still not change their routes to waste the gas... Since gas is so expensive nowadays too.... But what's even more mess up is like... they are charging people to get the sticker for the electronic tolling too!!!  It's like another 5 bucks for that piece of $%$@#!!! 

Oh, so if you don't have the account, they are still going to get you.  They have cams to take pics of the license plate.  And it will mail to your car registration address with another $1.50 added.  So don't ever use that bridge if you around here!!! lol 

Oh what's so funny is like.. on the email that I got from work. This is what it said, "Electronic tolling equipment will be installed on overhead gantries at the east high-rise of the SR-520 Bridge and will read your Good to Go! pass or scan your license plate as you travel at normal highway speeds. " hahahah Interesting, eh?  Too bad that bridge is always jamming... otherwise, you can maybe try ta like...  you know... speed out of it HAHAHAHA  (but then again, it's probably not worth it if you get caught speeding .....)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Couple songs on repeat

Couple songs that I have been repeating on my itouch lately...  Everytime they comes on, they never fails to make me move to the music haha <3

Haven't Met you Yet

Never gonna leave this bed

Weekend recap

haha Was going to update it on Monday, but got little spaced over.... So let see if I can still remember what I did over the weekend...
So... I didn't end up making the brownies yet!  lol But I did get the unsweeten apple sauce with Diana's recommandation though.  I am going to be like not get fat!!!! hahahah  So I went pick my great aunt up on Saturday.  I take her to shop and then come over to our place to cook and hang out on Saturdays usually.  We went to the Asian store first, cause she wanted to make some "bao"?  Or w/e they called in English.  lol  It's like a little steam bread with meat inside.  We bought some grounded pork, shrimp and nappa for the fillings.  (we use the exact samething for wanton and dumplins.  hahah THEY are like SUPER good!!! hehe) I was trying to find the apple sauce over there as well, but as I thought, they don't carry it or something.  So we stopped by Safeway on the way home. 

Picked up quite a few things at Safeway as well.  haha  bought a little 8x8 pan for the brownies; the apple sauce (but omg, they didn't have like Motto unsweeten ones! So I got some O unsweeten ones lol That's like the only unsweeten ones they have.  So weird.)  So I was so ready to make the brownies and all.  But then when we were walking around the bakery, saw a cake.... hahah It looks like very good.  So we picked that up... hahah Brownie will be this weekend!!!!  Oh also picked some cream cheese up too . Probably not that healthy... but the strawberry ones are sooooo good!  They were like buy one get one free (@2.65 normal). I got one of the Chiave? Chieve? and onion.  I tried that one, it was pretty good too.  :)

haha anyhow, those little "bao" thingys turned out to be pretty hardcore.. LOL  It was my great aunt's first go at it.  The bread was bit too hard.  I had some of them, but only ate the bottom part and the inside LOL  It will be better next time. :)

That was Saturday.  Let see on Sunday.  hmmmm I went to Costco and the mall. I haven't been out to the mall for awhile now.  A friend is taking a new job over at a new building.  So I went and got him a card and some packaging stuff for the random junks that I picked up the weekend earlier.  lol  I got him a card from halmart? or what does that place call?  They like sell all the cards and little thingys.  I was having fun reading some of the cards.  They are so fun.  I think I spent like 30 minutes or something over there lol.  So much free time haha

I went to Sears first.  Cause I wanted to go see if there any shoes for the twins.  The pairs they have now are a bit tight.  So I went there and see if they have bigger ones and all.  I found them pairs of Ironman lights up ones.  But the size is kinda crappy.  They like don't have many sizes of them at all.  I was hoping they have a size bigger than the one I bought them, but that lady was like.  "oh no, that's all we have."  Suckie.. and omg, that chick is like so small... hahaha She's like at around my check only I think.... Made me felt HUGE. 

Sears had a coupond for 10 bucks off 50 and 20 bucks off 75 over the weekend.  So, the shoes were total at 40.  So I walked around the store to see if anything that I want to pick up as well.  Ended up, picking up two long sleve shirts, two sweaters and a bag for grooming stuffs? or w/e they are called.  Went back to the shoes department to pay, cause I left the shoes there with them.  Probably should have just carried them and paid elsewhere.  Gawd, remember that small chick?  She's like new or something.  Took her like forever to scan and put my infos in.  At the very begining, I already asked her if I can use the coupond on the shoes and stuff already.  She looked at it and was like, "yeah, that's fine."  So she scanned everything, got my infos in.  And she was like, $82.  Then I handed her the coupond. 

Her: Oh yeah.
Me: Yap.
Her: (she scanned the barcode, not showing up.  She turned and asked the other chick who's working there) It's not taking the coupond, what should I do?
Her2: Try this blablhalhb
Her: It's still not working
Her2: Are the items clearence?
Her: yes, they all are
Her2: Probably doesn't work on them
Me: ... .... But it says clearence and everything...
Her2: (looked over the coupond and was like) oh it does say that.  So weird.  You should do this balbhabh (to Her) But it will need to void the whole thing and redo everything
Her: Do you want to do that?
Me: (What kind of fking question is that????) Yeah... It's like a 20 bucks coupond...
Her: okay

Anyhow, so it took her another two tries or something.  She still couldn't get it to work.  So they called another dude to help.  And that dude couldn't get it to work neither.  So another chick stopped by.  So it was okay after a long while.  But yeah, do you want to take 20 bucks off? Are you sure you don't want to pay more????

After Sears, walked around the mall some mall.  Got a couple wind-up toys at this one place.  They are like a buck a piece.  Got 7 actually hahaha.  Out of all those.. The fking one that I didn't check it doesn't work.  Maybe I should take it back LOL 

That's about it for the weekend.  It was a bit more fun than the week earlier hahaha Such blank life :)

Friday, March 11, 2011


woot woot, TGIF.  Weekend is almost here.  So glad it's Friday already.  I had a very long day yesterday.  Not sure if it was the result of me having too much sleep the night before or not. hahah

It was the second day of my patching days.  The tool I uses was giving me crap all day.  My scheduled time usually gets done with them at 2.  But NOooot yesterday, I didn't get all of them done till like 4:15.  Freaking lame.  I was busy through out the whole day.  But on top of that, Mr. Nose guy kept bugging me yesterday.  I pretty much went off on him.  lol  I felt kinda bad afterward.  Keep to control my rage. wooooooosaaaaaaaa wooooooosaaaaaaa  haha  Anyhow, I am not going to go into that today.  I will leave it for another long ranting post on that.  lol

Gawd, just starting to set up 5 virtual machines.  5 different OS lol how very fun.  :)

Hmmm donno what I am going to do this weekend yet.  (just like every weekend. LOL)  Oh I think I am going to make some brownies.  lol I bought a box last week.  Gonna make some for the little kiddies at home and see if they like it or not.  I have been wanting to make some for a long time.  But my grandma and aunt, they are like... "Go ahead and make them"  I will be like, "are you going to eat them?"  "Not really.  We probably will eat like a tiny piece."  "........"  I don't want to eat all of it myself.  It will like make me fat!!!  I am like always gain some weight back during weekends.  One thing I don't really like about it.  hahaha

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy people...

Got a request yesterday for a new virtual machine.  She asked for 8GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive spaces.  That's sh!t ton of hard drive spaces for a VM usually.  So I messaged her and asked what she's going to use it for, and see if she can lower the hard drive requirement. 

Me:  What are you going to use the machine for?  Do you need all 500GB space?  Is it possible to lower that?
Her:  I am going to use it for xxx.  At min I need 500GB.
Me: Oh okay, let me check with my manager.

lol Normally, we don't give out machines with that much spaces unless it's really needed.  I usually check with my manager if he's okay with it, then I will go with it.  So I talked to him, and said this "crazy" chick wants 500GB HD for her VM. (okay, I didn't use crazy :p)  He was like, "why she need so much?"  I was like, she said blahblahblahblah.  He was like, "oh, that's a lot, I need justification on why she need that much and the such."  "okay"  So I sent her to his way and then left work, since it was like 4 already. 

Got in this morning, got the email from them, 500GB went down to 200GB........  ......... .......  Ummm okay, that's like more than half drop.  People just don't know what they want. It's so funny at times.

Anyway, I will chip in another story about my crazy "friend" at work today hehehehe

Soooooooooooooooo, we manage servers at work, and they all rackables.  So they are all racked up in racks.  So last week, one day, I was showing him how to fix this one issue.  The thing that we needed to do is just to change the boot order of the machine.  It was booting from the hard drive first, but we want it to boot from the network first.  Sooo, simple thing.  Reboot -> Bio -> "find that fking boot order" and then change it.  For being him, of course he doesn't know where that is.  So I was showing him right there right next to me. 

Me:  This is what we need to do.  And that's all we need to do.
Him: Oh okay.  Why are we doing that?
Me: To change the boot order, so it can boot from the network first.
Him: ... why?
Me: Well, it's booting from the hard drive first now, We don't want that.  We want it to boot from the network first.  So when we rebuild the machine, it can use the auto rebuild process.
Him: Oh, okay.

So off to work we went, and then about half an hour later.  I was being nice and all, so I asked how he's doing.

Me: How's going?
Him: Good. But I am still a bit confuse why are we doing this.  (I think he actually said, what purpose this is?)
Me: ........... (!$%$$$^&!!!!!......) It is to change the boot order.  So when we ask it to rebuild on the auto server, the machine will be able to check if there's any jobs on the network first, and boot to that if there is first.  AND then boot from the hard drive. (....... shorten other explainations... But pretty much the same thing again)
Him: Oh okay.

For this network boot thing, I have went through with him the day earlier (I think) too.  Because we have this tool that we can use to rebuild our servers remotely in lab.  (it's super cool lol Made my life so much easier) I explained all the things about that tool to him, how to use it, how to add to it and all.  He was giving me this blank fk face....

Me: Do you have any questions or something?
Him: Oh not now, I will ask when I have.
Me: .............

But you can totally tell he was not getting any of them.  He was giving that look, "what the F are you talking about"  Oh have I mentioned it before?  hahaha but it is so freaking weird... Cause I met his other manager once as well, he was doing the same thing!!!  I had to like.. stop myself from giggling.. So the thing was, when I was talking to him, he was listening... and like his head just like bobbing? shaking?  It's like he trying to give out this "agree" look at the same time, but it looks so freaking weird.  It makes me want to slap this head and stop it from moving everytime I see it..... (woooooosaaaaaaaaaa, woooooooosaaaaaaa calming myself hahahaha) 

Anyhow, that was that.  BUT there was anothing thing during the change thing which made me awed so much.... (I guess he has not failed to do that yet... hahah) So for our servers, there are this two LEDs on them.  One on the front, one on the back.  The purpose of it you may ask?  Take a wild guess!!!!!  (if you push the LED, either the one in the front or the back, both will lit up.) So what you say it can use for?  So during the course of the changing boot order thing, he had a machine, it was not responding to the keyboard and mouse when he connect to it.  So I told him to reboot the machine. 

Me: Reboot it and try.
Him: How?
Me: ..... Okay.  Push that LED button there, I will go check.  (Cause we were working on the back of the machines, so I went to the front and rebooted the machine.)
Him: It's rebooting now.
Me: Yeah.
Him: What is the button for?
Me: .... ....... .............. ................ ..................................... (I was actually paused when he asked that.  One thing, cause before all this, when I first showed him how to debug issues on a machine, I had told him you what the LED can be used for already. )
Me: It's there to show you what machine you are working on.
Him: oh.

hmmmmm lol I kinda blank on what else he asked me about it at the time now.  But I remembered explaining twice or three times to thim what it is for and all.   So in the afternoon, I had to go over to another lab to do some work. 

Me:  Can you help me finish this 20?
Him: Okay.  What do I need to do?
Me:  Same thing that you did before.

Few hours later on IM

Him: They are all done now.  But one of them it's not responding to the keyboard and mouse.
Me:  Have you tried rebooting it?
Him: Yes.  But it's still not responding.
Me:  hmmm.. That should work after rebooting.
Him: I pushed the button, but it's still the same.
Me:  That's weird.
Him: What do you suggest to do next?  (He just love this phrase... Oh and another one, "I have a query" WTF is a query!!!!!!)
Me:  So you rebooted it and it still not working.
Him:  Yes.
Me: (a few seconds later..) How did you reboot it?
Him:  I pushed that blue button that you told me earlier.
Me: huh?
Him: The blue button in the back.
Me: (!#!##!%$%$%% So many bad words running through my head that time)  That is not the reboot button.  It just there to show you the machine you are working on. So you can reboot it in the front.
hmmmm I think he added, I don't get you or something still.  But anyhow, I had to explain to him once again that fking button is nothing but to indicate the machine.  "You reboot it with the round green button.  Not the LED button in the back of the machine"
Him:  Oh okay.  I will do that now.
Me:  ....
Him:  It's rebooting now.  (few minutes later..) It's done.
Me: Thanks.  (closed the window and then try not to break anything ... lol)

And that's not all, when I was there working on those machines in the morning.  When rebooting the machine, you have to hit F10 to get into the bio setting on these.  So I told him that.  Then I saw he kept hitting F10... As soon as there's an image on the screen.  And that's like totally interrupting the rebooting.  Cause I have times that he started the reboot earlier than me, than I would get it done before him.  So I told him.

Me: You don't have to press F10 the whole time.
Him: When do I need to press it then?
Me: ........... (wtf he can't read???)  You only need to press it once when it's asking you to..........
Him: Okay.

Then after about 10 minutes later, he was hitting F10 like there's no tomorrow again.  I was like.... Fxck it.... lol  So like while I was there, let see... I did like 60 or something and he did 40 or so.  And each process takes about 3 to 5 minutes or something like that.... Gawd, he's so fast....

lol I actually told my aunt them about the button thing... They were like, "you probably explaining too much. And you lost him."  I was like... "...... How hard is to understand the simple words like... "that button does NOTHING but to show you what machine you are on"

That's good for now hahaha I will share another one soon.  He's such an amazing person. :Pause:  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Expensive dinner...

haha I been slacking off again.  I will update it with my dinner on last Friday... hehe

Probably not to many people, but it was really the most expensive dinner I have been to so far.  lol  We went to John Howie Steak House on Friday night.  We as in me, my manager, my manager's manager.  lol and 3 other guys from another team.  It was titled "Teambuild" lol..

So it all started back maybe a month or so.  I got this email for requesting to put a new machine in our old lab.  So I chatted with the guy ect ect and figured out it was all approved from the manager and the such already.  So everything was just straight forward.  They ordered their machine and all.  And holy cow when I got their invoice about the machine they are going to get.  I was awed.  lol  It's by far the most expensive machine we have in lab yet.  Well... if we don't count those other couple huge things.. Then yes, this machine is the most expensive we have in lab.  lol  It netted 42k total or so.  It includes 3 pieces.  The server and two drive arrays.  42k!!!!!!!!!!!  lol

But anyway, when the machine arrived, that was the first time I met those peeps from other team.  So we were talking, and they asked me, what do you think about this machine?  My first reaction was like.. "It's a DELL...."  lol  I am not much a fan of the DELL servers in lab.  I think 95% of all servers are HPs now.  And I have awesome services from HP.  But not the DELLs, they are pretty lame.  Anyhow, I helped them finished setting up like the next day.  They were all happy and all.  The guy was like, "Let us take you out for lunch or something next week as a thanks."  I was like, "nah, it's okay."  It's nothing really that difficult and all.  lol

So early last week, my manager was like, "there's a meeting this Friday I want to to attend too."  I was like, "oh?  Okay.  When and with who?"  He was like, "around 1:30 or so and with the Xbox guys."  I was like, "oh, lunch?"  "yeah, how'd you know?"  I was like, "they told me last week."  lol  (mr. nose picking guy is not part of the invitation :p)  But then on Friday morning, my manager came and told me that they have changed the time to the evening.  So lunch became dinner.  And I asked him where we going to meet at?  He was like, "John Howie"  I have never been to there before.  They opened it when the new Microsoft Office building opened over at Bravern.  It's like a mall over there, kinda...  It's like office building, then there are apartments next to that building or something like that.  Like super expensive apartments.... LOL  You can like buy huge house with the money of one apartment there...  They have Louis Vuitton and other expensive stores around that "mall" like place lol  ( I have like walked by it many times, but I have never gone in there lol...  Totally can't afford anything in there...) 

Oops, got side tracked.  So yeah, dinner at John Howie's.  lol if I was not with all of them, I would have taken some pics and stuff... But it was kinda weird if I did.  LOL  Anyway, dinner was good and real expensive.  lol I actually went on their website and checked the menu during the day... I was talking to Johnny, "someone is taking us out for dinner tonight.  What should I eat?  The most expensive thing in the menu? or not that expensive?" lol  Well, being Johnny, he was like, "Of course the most expensive thing, and then get some to go."  I was like........ "you are crazy :p" 

So dinner went through just fine, got out of there almost 9.  lol  Oh and I got 3 Xbox games from them...  but I don't have an Xbox...   Maybe I should ask them for an xbox 360 next time :p  What do you think?  lol  They got the games for free appearently...