Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy people...

Got a request yesterday for a new virtual machine.  She asked for 8GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive spaces.  That's sh!t ton of hard drive spaces for a VM usually.  So I messaged her and asked what she's going to use it for, and see if she can lower the hard drive requirement. 

Me:  What are you going to use the machine for?  Do you need all 500GB space?  Is it possible to lower that?
Her:  I am going to use it for xxx.  At min I need 500GB.
Me: Oh okay, let me check with my manager.

lol Normally, we don't give out machines with that much spaces unless it's really needed.  I usually check with my manager if he's okay with it, then I will go with it.  So I talked to him, and said this "crazy" chick wants 500GB HD for her VM. (okay, I didn't use crazy :p)  He was like, "why she need so much?"  I was like, she said blahblahblahblah.  He was like, "oh, that's a lot, I need justification on why she need that much and the such."  "okay"  So I sent her to his way and then left work, since it was like 4 already. 

Got in this morning, got the email from them, 500GB went down to 200GB........  ......... .......  Ummm okay, that's like more than half drop.  People just don't know what they want. It's so funny at times.

Anyway, I will chip in another story about my crazy "friend" at work today hehehehe

Soooooooooooooooo, we manage servers at work, and they all rackables.  So they are all racked up in racks.  So last week, one day, I was showing him how to fix this one issue.  The thing that we needed to do is just to change the boot order of the machine.  It was booting from the hard drive first, but we want it to boot from the network first.  Sooo, simple thing.  Reboot -> Bio -> "find that fking boot order" and then change it.  For being him, of course he doesn't know where that is.  So I was showing him right there right next to me. 

Me:  This is what we need to do.  And that's all we need to do.
Him: Oh okay.  Why are we doing that?
Me: To change the boot order, so it can boot from the network first.
Him: ... why?
Me: Well, it's booting from the hard drive first now, We don't want that.  We want it to boot from the network first.  So when we rebuild the machine, it can use the auto rebuild process.
Him: Oh, okay.

So off to work we went, and then about half an hour later.  I was being nice and all, so I asked how he's doing.

Me: How's going?
Him: Good. But I am still a bit confuse why are we doing this.  (I think he actually said, what purpose this is?)
Me: ........... (!$%$$$^&!!!!!......) It is to change the boot order.  So when we ask it to rebuild on the auto server, the machine will be able to check if there's any jobs on the network first, and boot to that if there is first.  AND then boot from the hard drive. (....... shorten other explainations... But pretty much the same thing again)
Him: Oh okay.

For this network boot thing, I have went through with him the day earlier (I think) too.  Because we have this tool that we can use to rebuild our servers remotely in lab.  (it's super cool lol Made my life so much easier) I explained all the things about that tool to him, how to use it, how to add to it and all.  He was giving me this blank fk face....

Me: Do you have any questions or something?
Him: Oh not now, I will ask when I have.
Me: .............

But you can totally tell he was not getting any of them.  He was giving that look, "what the F are you talking about"  Oh have I mentioned it before?  hahaha but it is so freaking weird... Cause I met his other manager once as well, he was doing the same thing!!!  I had to like.. stop myself from giggling.. So the thing was, when I was talking to him, he was listening... and like his head just like bobbing? shaking?  It's like he trying to give out this "agree" look at the same time, but it looks so freaking weird.  It makes me want to slap this head and stop it from moving everytime I see it..... (woooooosaaaaaaaaaa, woooooooosaaaaaaa calming myself hahahaha) 

Anyhow, that was that.  BUT there was anothing thing during the change thing which made me awed so much.... (I guess he has not failed to do that yet... hahah) So for our servers, there are this two LEDs on them.  One on the front, one on the back.  The purpose of it you may ask?  Take a wild guess!!!!!  (if you push the LED, either the one in the front or the back, both will lit up.) So what you say it can use for?  So during the course of the changing boot order thing, he had a machine, it was not responding to the keyboard and mouse when he connect to it.  So I told him to reboot the machine. 

Me: Reboot it and try.
Him: How?
Me: ..... Okay.  Push that LED button there, I will go check.  (Cause we were working on the back of the machines, so I went to the front and rebooted the machine.)
Him: It's rebooting now.
Me: Yeah.
Him: What is the button for?
Me: .... ....... .............. ................ ..................................... (I was actually paused when he asked that.  One thing, cause before all this, when I first showed him how to debug issues on a machine, I had told him you what the LED can be used for already. )
Me: It's there to show you what machine you are working on.
Him: oh.

hmmmmm lol I kinda blank on what else he asked me about it at the time now.  But I remembered explaining twice or three times to thim what it is for and all.   So in the afternoon, I had to go over to another lab to do some work. 

Me:  Can you help me finish this 20?
Him: Okay.  What do I need to do?
Me:  Same thing that you did before.

Few hours later on IM

Him: They are all done now.  But one of them it's not responding to the keyboard and mouse.
Me:  Have you tried rebooting it?
Him: Yes.  But it's still not responding.
Me:  hmmm.. That should work after rebooting.
Him: I pushed the button, but it's still the same.
Me:  That's weird.
Him: What do you suggest to do next?  (He just love this phrase... Oh and another one, "I have a query" WTF is a query!!!!!!)
Me:  So you rebooted it and it still not working.
Him:  Yes.
Me: (a few seconds later..) How did you reboot it?
Him:  I pushed that blue button that you told me earlier.
Me: huh?
Him: The blue button in the back.
Me: (!#!##!%$%$%% So many bad words running through my head that time)  That is not the reboot button.  It just there to show you the machine you are working on. So you can reboot it in the front.
hmmmm I think he added, I don't get you or something still.  But anyhow, I had to explain to him once again that fking button is nothing but to indicate the machine.  "You reboot it with the round green button.  Not the LED button in the back of the machine"
Him:  Oh okay.  I will do that now.
Me:  ....
Him:  It's rebooting now.  (few minutes later..) It's done.
Me: Thanks.  (closed the window and then try not to break anything ... lol)

And that's not all, when I was there working on those machines in the morning.  When rebooting the machine, you have to hit F10 to get into the bio setting on these.  So I told him that.  Then I saw he kept hitting F10... As soon as there's an image on the screen.  And that's like totally interrupting the rebooting.  Cause I have times that he started the reboot earlier than me, than I would get it done before him.  So I told him.

Me: You don't have to press F10 the whole time.
Him: When do I need to press it then?
Me: ........... (wtf he can't read???)  You only need to press it once when it's asking you to..........
Him: Okay.

Then after about 10 minutes later, he was hitting F10 like there's no tomorrow again.  I was like.... Fxck it.... lol  So like while I was there, let see... I did like 60 or something and he did 40 or so.  And each process takes about 3 to 5 minutes or something like that.... Gawd, he's so fast....

lol I actually told my aunt them about the button thing... They were like, "you probably explaining too much. And you lost him."  I was like... "...... How hard is to understand the simple words like... "that button does NOTHING but to show you what machine you are on"

That's good for now hahaha I will share another one soon.  He's such an amazing person. :Pause:  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mini said...

The guy sounds soooo hopeless!!!!!!!

Michael said...

hahah facepalm!!