Saturday, February 5, 2011

The new guy sitting next to me - Part 2

haha Here's part 2 of my ranting.  Seriously... This guy has been bugging me so much lately.  He pretty much could not fail to annoyed me everyday!

First thing first, if you have read the last post about him... He still picks his nose.  YES!!! STILL!!!  Every single day, just picks and picks... flicks and flicks... Gross and gross!!!

Now, let see where should I start.... so many craps to talk about him.  hmmm So I guess he's going to move to a new house.  So last week, one morning, I was making a couple phone calls here and there, and helping my dad set up a couple appointment and so.  After I was done, that guy was like, can you help me call this number?  I tried calling, but no one is picking up.  I was like, "eh?"  I looked and it was like a 1800 number.  So I was like, what is it for?  He was like, "It's my internet service, I want to disconnect it on 2/28, we will move at that time.  Can you call for me?"  I was like.. "..."  He then like, "just use my moible" (I was really not wanting to take over that phone... reason?  Just check the first part :p lol)  But I was still nice enough to took the phone and started calling.  1800 number, of course the first parts are the automation answering system.  So I have no freaking clue what he was talking about "that no one is picking up".  So I went through the selections, and after like 10 minutes of waiting, someone finally came answered.  Anyhow, just went through all the security questions here and there, and finally was able to finished it.  So it was done, I gave him back the phone and went to the bathroom and washed my ear and face.... hahahahah Is it bad of me to do that? 

Anyhow, so that was first one of it.  After about 30 minutes or so.  He was like, "are you busy? Do you need some help?"  I was like, "nah, I am okay."  He was like, "but I need your help."  I was like... "..."  He was like, I need to call the phone company and get that disconnected at the 28th also.. blahblabhllahb... So again... Then I helped again... (gawd, I am so freaking nice... Or I just donno how to say no... I suppose)  But anyhow, everything was going through okay.  Got the confirmation number for the request and all.  Gave the cell phone back to him, went to the bathroom and washed my ear and face again.  LOL  So that was about it for that one day.  But guess what happened the next morning?  He was like, "oh I didn't get any confirmation from the internet disconnection.  Can we call to get the confirmation number?"  I was like, we?!??!?!?  "Why?  It is done already..."  He was like, "but I didn't get the confirmation number.  How do I know if they really get it set up?" .... "It is done, everything is set up fine.  If you want, you can call them and see if they can give you a confirmation number or email them."  Then he looked at me... "okay, where do I email them at?"  I was like... "............... They should have address or contact on their website"  "This one?" he asked.  I was like, yes that one.  He was like, "what should I write?"  "something like... regarding my internet cancellation confirmation ect.."  He was like, "can you type it for me?"  HOLY @!#@#!  I looked over at him, (more like a stare I guess...) I was like... just type what I just said...  He then just moved his chair back and type it please.  I was like......................  (what the F did I get myself into?)  So I typed it anyway...  So that was done.  And now guess what's next?  So they have the equitments from that internet provider, they gave an address so you can either mail the modem back or drop it off at the office.  He was like, "Do we have to send the modem back?  My friend said why not just ask them to come pick it up at the apartment."  I was like... holy shit, will this ever end?!?!?  So I was like, "no, I don't think they will.  Cause they are not going to come all the way out to just pick your modem up.  They will help you set it up and all, but for returns they are not going to come out to get it for you."  He was like, "how do you know?"  . . . . . . "Cause I had internet/cable service before, and that's what you have to do."  Then I just turned away and plug in my headphone, into my music world.

This is not all the personal things he had asked me to do too.  Like before, he asked me to go to the bank with him.  I went, cause I thought why not? I can use a walk.  (I was pretty much just stood there and did nothing when he talked to the peep there)  Then two trips to AT&T.  The first time, he was going to recharge his pre-paid card.  Second time was freaking awakward as F.  (second time I went cause I was going to the Sephora for some samples LOL so I went with him.)  Now this visit to AT&T, it was pretty crazy.  So he was going to change his prepaid to like a monthly plan.  He was going to take the 40 bucks plan.  He was ready and all.  So at AT&T, at the counter, the sales was explaining to him, "yes, this is our lowest plan.  And here's what you going to pay monthly.  40+20(about tax + other service fee and all)"  Now this nose-picking-dood was like, "WHAT?  Why?  The guy from last time, he told me is 40 for a month"  "Yes, the plan is 40 bucks a month, but with the fees and tax, you will be paying about this much."  "Why? But that's not what the other guy said!  You guys should have put it down on the paper, list it here!!!"  "Well, this paper is create for the whole country, and you will have to pay tax on everything anyway.  We just assume everyone knows"  Dood, wasn't my "friend" mad?  He was pretty pissed.  He ended up didn't switch over that day, saying he's going to think about it some more.  Then we left AT&T.  Man, he was still bitching about it on the way back, on how they trying to scam him ect ect. I was like.. "yeah sure yeah..."  -end of AT&T visit.  Well actually we had to go back in there after we walk outside the mall... cause he forgot to recharge his prepaid card... Gawd he's such a ....

Anyhow, that's not all.  What's bugging me the most is this thing...  As you might have note from the last post, I am getting a new laptop :)  So before, I was spending some time doing some deal searching and all.  Soo, my "friend" saw what I was doing, and he wanted to get one too.  (he had told me, there are 3 things he needs to get.  A watch, laptop and camera.  The watch, he already got from Fry's one time that my manager took him as well.  A ugly as F watch... A digital watch with many functionalities... oh oh oh, and guess what?  He did not know how to even start it... He just handed me and asked me to help him set it up at that day too...) Got a bit side tracked.. lol  Back to the laptop.  Sooooooo he wanted to get one, he saw I was looking at laptops, so he asked me to help him look for one too, and let him know if there's any good deals.  So being a nice guy and all, I say why not, I am just surfing around deal news anyway.  So I sent him a couple links the first time.  Remember, this is the first times I have sent deals to him.  Well, he asked me what's a good laptop out there, that's cheap and good.  He doesn't want anything that over the top good, and he doesn't want anything that's old (i.e old procs) He just wants something medium for internet and stuffs like that.  I was like.. how much you willing to pay for it?  He was like... "my friend got this HP one during black friday, balblhahbalb for only 450? (or 500 can't really remember the exact cost now lol) So he was wanting to spend about that much too...  (but look at it, that was during Black Friday, for crying out loud, gosh)  So I found him some i3 machines around 500 to 600 or so...  Then he was like, are they good?  I was like, eh... for what you going to use for, probably.  (OMG, I am like losing my mind over this hahaha Cause there are so many times to keep track of haha)

Okay, regroup from here on.  First, he wants it cheap.  And the only reason that I was helping him to find one, cause I was searching for mine online as well.  But then one day, he was like, "one of my friend sugguest me to get it from the store, and not from online.  Cause he said, if the computer have issues, you can take it to fix if you get from online."  I was like... "well, then get it from the store.  Just go search at Best buy or Fry's then"   He was like, "but which one is cheaper?  Store or online?"  I was like, "well, most likely is online, cause they have better deals."  He was like, "why?"  I was like... (wtf)"I don't know.  They just have better deals online."  He was like, "please help me find one."  I was like, you just said you want to get from the store....  He was like, "no no, just go ahead and try to find one online..."  "..............................."  So again, while I was searching one day, I found another Lenovo from Newegg and send it to him, he was like, "oh I want HP" "........."  So there's another one from HP that day too, so I linked him for that one.  He was like, "ooooh, HP one.  Is it good?  What does it has?"  "Check the specification"  "where is it?" ........... I was like... "scroll down... and go to specification...?"   So he was checking it out, and asked again, "is it good?  should I order it?"  I was like.. "I am not going to tell you if you should get it or not.  I just help you find them.  I am not going to give you my opionion on it if you should get it or not.  I don't want to get blamed if you don't like it later."  He was like, "no, it's okay.  Please go ahead and say it if I should or not"  "NO, I am not going to.  Just decide it yourself"  He was still fucking asking me if he should get it or not.  I was like, go search for it online and see if other places selling it too and maybe you can find comments on how people like it and all.  He was like, "from HP site?"  I was like.. sure... So he went there and found the machine, but with a slower processor.  BUT it's like costing more... (here comes the fuck up parts...)  He was like, "why is HP selling it more?" I was like, "huh?"  He was like, "it's not making sense to me.  Why are they selling more than Newegg?  Newegg get the computer from HP, they should sell it for more.  But this is not the case, HP is selling more than Newegg now.  Why?"  ".........  I don't know why they selling it more.  They can sell them at whatever (the fuck) they want.  Maybe they just have better deals at newegg?"  He just looked at me confused, "it's not making any sense.  I don't understand."  I was like, "so you don't trust this price at Newegg?  Do you think they are trying to scam you or something?"  He was like, "I don't know.  I just don't get why they are cheaper at Newegg."  I turned, and plugged in my headphone and into my music world.

So anyway, he still have not gotten the laptop yet.  He freaking looks over my shoulder lots.  So one day I was checking on my laptop order status at Lenovo.  He was like, "oh you get a new laptop?"  I was like, "yes"  He was like, "oh good good,  but you are not helping me find mine"  HOLY !#!$#!  I raised my voice, "HUH??!?!  WHAT ARE YOu talking about? I found you at least 10 laptops already."  He was like, "but they are not the cheapest and best"  I was like... WHAT THE FUCK... (okay, I did not say that out loud.  I still have my manners :p)  "They ARE good computer at the price that you are willing to pay!"  So I just stopped talking to him on this subject.. he continue to say something else.  But I just tuned him out.   Oh yeah, this was at the same day of the Kohl's 99% off sale day... lol  So I was looking at what they have.  And FUCK, he had the gut to say this to me, "why are you looking at these things?  There are nothing good."  I was like, "huh?"  He was like, "you shouldn't spend time looking at these, you should help me look for more computers.  You are not helping me getting a laptop"  ....... again I said, "I already helped you found lots, you just haven't picked yours."  He was like, "but you didn't say if I should get or not."  I was like... WTF..... I just smiled and tuned him out again.   And then probably two days later or something, I was surfing around best buy site, and they have a HP one for 470.  Everything he needed... cheap, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD i5(? I think).  Just like everything he needed, and from the store.  So I linked him again.  He was looking at it again, "should I book this?"  Again, I said, "I am not saying anything on it"  He was fucking asking the same questions all over again if it's good, should I get it ect.... All I did was smile and no answers.   He was like, "where is best buy?"  (Best buy is actually pretty close to where we work...)  I was like, "search for it, they have a store locator"  He was like, "how far away is it?"  I was like... "SEARCH for IT".   And holy shit, guess how long it was taking him to just search that?  More than 5 mintues, he just stare at the screen and look at me, "I can't find it".  I was like................... ................ .................... "here......"  So I moved his mouse pointer probably 300 pixs up... ... ....  But anyhow, that's pretty much all the laptop talk now....  He still have not bought it yet...  Oh give you another dumbass question from him, "Will the computer cost less later?"  .... . . ............. ...........................................

Also, got my hair cut couple weeks ago.  So he was like, "oh you got a hair cut, how much is it?"  I was like, "yeah, 10 bucks."  He was like, "really?  I need a hair cut too."  I was thinking... You are not going to ask me to take you...  I said, "there should be places around here."  He was like, "no, there are no places to get hair cut here."  I was like... "are you sure? "  So I went on Bing and did a hair cut search.... And bunch popped up and like 5 of them near where he lives.  So I sent him the search.  He was like, "but they are not cheap like 10 dollars you have."  I was like... how the fuck would you know?  You haven't even been to them...  He then asked, "what are you doing after work today?  Can you take me to Seattle where you get the hair cut?"  I just silent... ignored his question.  He was like, "Do you know what bus I need to take back from Seattle?"  I was like, "I don't know, I have never taken the bus before."  That's part of the reason that I don't want to take him.  One thing, I don't want to deal with him taking the bus back.  And if he can't find it, I don't want to drive him all the way back to Belluve.  I mean, come on, I just work with him and he's NOT even near worth that much of my time.  Another thing is, if I take him to the hair cut place, I might have to stay with him for the hair cut.  And no thanks, not worth my time.  So I just ignored him and saying I need to go home and help my aunt get some stuff.  So that's about it for that day.  But again today, he was like, "you are not helping me get my laptop and you are not helping me get my hair cut still."  Fuck, that really annoys me,  so I was like, "there are places around here to get hair cuts too"  He was like, "But they are 20 bucks, why should I spend 20 bucks on the hair cut, when over at yours is 10?"  Again, I turned and tuned him off, and annoyed.......

Okay, I think this is getting a bit long hahaha  But these are about all the personal craps that he asked me to help him.  Next time I will update the ones that deals with work.  Those are epic as heck...  Stay tuned.  :)