Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend update

Ahhhhh, weekend is never long enough >.<  

Monday is here already... :sigh:  That's life I guess hahaha.  I watched Wrath of the Titan on Saturday this weekend.  It was alright, I think.  I didn't watch it in 3D, it probably better in 3D haha There are quite a bit of special affects that are designed for that I guess.  But the story, meh... not that appealing haha  It was pretty fun though.  Re-watch?  Not really hahaha  In the other hand, the Hunger Games was pretty good last weekend.  

I finished the first book before I went to see it though.  The book was great. hahah I really haven't been reading that many books at all.  LOL  The only series I have read was Harry Potter haha  Well, not really I guess... Since I never finished the last book.  LOL   I got to like half at first, but then I didn't get to finish it back then... Can't remember why.. but yeah hahaha  Then I tried to start reading it again before the movie, but I never get to it much.  I will get it done eventually though... hahaha

So the Hunger Games series.  Thanks to Diana for the eBooks.  I get to read all of them on my ipod haha It's pretty fun.  I checked them out at Costco last time, they are like 11 bucks each or so for the hard covers!  The have the first one in paperpack for 7 bucks though haha I saved 33 bucks!!!  And she just sent me a dvd last week, it has like TONS of books in it lol  I think I will start reading some of them.  I started reading the John Carter one the other day though.  I think I might get done with those two then start the Twilight saga. (still have not seen any of those movies LOL not sure what the hype of it...)

Back to the movies.  Omg, I saw a few trailers on Saturday.  Battleship, totally gonna go see that in may.  Then there's the Avengers... I think there are a few pretty sweet ones coming out this summer :) 

CHIC week at Sephora.  Went there after the movies on Saturday... This is the bag I got from there.  Huge bag of stuff...  Gotta utilize the 15% off you know hahaha

This is what's inside... lol Got quite a few samples and free stuff

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Portrait

Loooooooong day today.... didn't get home almost 8....  

TGIF tomorrow though!!!! 

Think I need to shave... 

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Woohooo 2 days left till the weekend!! 

Enjoying my day without possible gross things hitting me over at my other lab

My almost empty lab and piles of crap... LOL

My yummy breakfast yesterday!

Friday, February 17, 2012


woohoo Began my weekend with a short hair cut..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has some very addicting songs...  Two of my most recent addicted (well not really recent recent lol)

Talking to the Moon

It Will Rain

Monday, February 13, 2012


Man oh man, such a bad luck weekend I had... oh well... lol

Sooooooooo I am so failing on the $50 bucks a month challenge... Failed again this month... I just can't resist great deals... Well, I am still in process building out my wardrobe. (my excuse.. yap)  Well, I will try harder next month! LOL

I had been sooooooooooooooo busy this last week.  It was very stressful a few days at work.  Cause one of the thing we were going to migrate to, did not work out.  So we had to roll back to the previous thing, which could cause people issues ect ect.. But it turned out not much of a screamer.  So I was glad about that.  Next week is going to be a pain week.  Patching Wednesday is coming up, so that's gonna be a long day.  Besides that, we are going to have to decom all the machines in our old lab.  We are going try to start that on Tuesday.  That's not gonna be fun.  Overall, I think it's gonna be a pretty darn busy week.

So back to the weekend... Let see what have I done... hmmmm so I finally started watching Lord of the Rings. LOL man, that was a long movie, I think I fell asleep for a bit during it... hahahah  I am so bad at staying awake at watching movies sometimes.. That was Friday night.

Then Saturday morning, really wanted to go to the movies... lol so I went to watched Underworld... (Diana told me to pick it :p)  That was a pretty cool movie.  But yikes, it was pretty bloody and nasty at parts.  I am not too good with those things LOL BUT it was still pretty good.  Very short movies though, but I think they are going to make it into a few movies.... That girl totally looked like the chick from The Ring or whatever... scary looking chick hahah

After I got out the movie, I went get gas, and then called my great aunt.  She asked me to go over to have breakfast. So I did, then went shopping with my uncle. hahahahha  yap bought a few things... 1 shirt and 1 jacket, AND then two sleepwear pants (today).  He found those pants for me today though.  But those are pretty comfy ones I think, and my other ones are pretty wore out.  Time to change them!  So that's that... then went to the casino for dinner on Saturday.  Lost money......  Then tonight, lost some more....... bad bad bad weekend LOL  But it was pretty fun.  Oh well...

Oh yeah, finally starting to unwrap my One Piece manga few days back.  Love'em!!  One Piece FTW!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday again

Thursday self pic - stuck at work till 6...

My 1/4 red sweater lol

My privacy wall built out of cups... But I think I should put it on the other side to block the nose guy...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday self pic

Well this is lame... It won't let me do the blog with pic from my iPod touch... Well it won't let me upload the pic lo I will do it another time then.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Starting again

Let's give this weight loss another go ~

haha finally unpacked that game.... The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout... (Thank you Diana lol)

It was a bit confusing.  I actually didn't know that I should have set up a profile for it and pick a workout or something.  So I just picked a free run for today lol  So I guess the 4 week count will actually starts tomorrow or something.  lol

The game is kinda cool.  I don't like the control of it though.  The stupid pointer is like everywhere, and not sticking much.  They won't let you use the controller for settings neither.  That's like totally dumb.  I was setting up my profile.  For year of birth, it took me like probably 2 minutes just to get it to 1985 correctly.... totally lame.  The quick workout I did today was pretty nice.  But I am sooooo out of shape though LOL I almost like passed out... not cool not cool... Gotta see how the "New You" plan goes tomorrow.  But over all, it's pretty fun.  It like keeps track of how many cals you have lost and such.  I should spend some time to read the manual tonight though. hahah

Anyhow, that's pretty much it for the first post of 2012!  Even though already been two weeks into it.  I will do it this year!  Yes, I will...  lol