Friday, January 13, 2012

Starting again

Let's give this weight loss another go ~

haha finally unpacked that game.... The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout... (Thank you Diana lol)

It was a bit confusing.  I actually didn't know that I should have set up a profile for it and pick a workout or something.  So I just picked a free run for today lol  So I guess the 4 week count will actually starts tomorrow or something.  lol

The game is kinda cool.  I don't like the control of it though.  The stupid pointer is like everywhere, and not sticking much.  They won't let you use the controller for settings neither.  That's like totally dumb.  I was setting up my profile.  For year of birth, it took me like probably 2 minutes just to get it to 1985 correctly.... totally lame.  The quick workout I did today was pretty nice.  But I am sooooo out of shape though LOL I almost like passed out... not cool not cool... Gotta see how the "New You" plan goes tomorrow.  But over all, it's pretty fun.  It like keeps track of how many cals you have lost and such.  I should spend some time to read the manual tonight though. hahah

Anyhow, that's pretty much it for the first post of 2012!  Even though already been two weeks into it.  I will do it this year!  Yes, I will...  lol


Mini said...

Omg I can't believe you almost passed out playing the game!! It's a good thing you got the game then, that way you can get in shape!! No more excuses :p

Amy Lynn said...

Me too! This is the year I will get in shape... haha... right... I should pull out my Wii Fit and see how much it laughs at me. :)

Michael said...

Lol how well is the wii fit work? We have that at home too.

Amy Lynn said...

It's not hard or anything but I'm too lazy to pull out the board. The kids LOVE it though and it's hilarious watching them move around. :)

Michael said...

oh lol the one we have is still in the box... haven't even opened it yet LOL