Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend update

Ahhhhh, weekend is never long enough >.<  

Monday is here already... :sigh:  That's life I guess hahaha.  I watched Wrath of the Titan on Saturday this weekend.  It was alright, I think.  I didn't watch it in 3D, it probably better in 3D haha There are quite a bit of special affects that are designed for that I guess.  But the story, meh... not that appealing haha  It was pretty fun though.  Re-watch?  Not really hahaha  In the other hand, the Hunger Games was pretty good last weekend.  

I finished the first book before I went to see it though.  The book was great. hahah I really haven't been reading that many books at all.  LOL  The only series I have read was Harry Potter haha  Well, not really I guess... Since I never finished the last book.  LOL   I got to like half at first, but then I didn't get to finish it back then... Can't remember why.. but yeah hahaha  Then I tried to start reading it again before the movie, but I never get to it much.  I will get it done eventually though... hahaha

So the Hunger Games series.  Thanks to Diana for the eBooks.  I get to read all of them on my ipod haha It's pretty fun.  I checked them out at Costco last time, they are like 11 bucks each or so for the hard covers!  The have the first one in paperpack for 7 bucks though haha I saved 33 bucks!!!  And she just sent me a dvd last week, it has like TONS of books in it lol  I think I will start reading some of them.  I started reading the John Carter one the other day though.  I think I might get done with those two then start the Twilight saga. (still have not seen any of those movies LOL not sure what the hype of it...)

Back to the movies.  Omg, I saw a few trailers on Saturday.  Battleship, totally gonna go see that in may.  Then there's the Avengers... I think there are a few pretty sweet ones coming out this summer :) 

CHIC week at Sephora.  Went there after the movies on Saturday... This is the bag I got from there.  Huge bag of stuff...  Gotta utilize the 15% off you know hahaha

This is what's inside... lol Got quite a few samples and free stuff