Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend crazies

lol, what a weekend that was.  Apparently, Fry's is on their 25th cerebration.  How can I not buy anything from there, right?  :)  So after I checked on their Friday ad online on Friday, I just have to go to the store and check out their stuff.

I got there around 4:30 that day.  Thinking they might be super crazy and all, but actually they weren't.  lol  I asked one of the sales out of curiosity, I guess they were real busy earlier the day.  So I just started walking around and checking stuffs out.  (haven't been there for a few weeks now...) 

I have placed the order on hold online for the sales items that I wanted.  The only thing I wasn't able to get was the Western Digital 640GB external hard drive.  They had it on the web for $69.99.  While I was debating if I want to get it or not, the link for it was gone :o  So I thought they were already sold out and all.  haha  But after I got to the store, I went to the hard drive section and checked to see anyway.  After a bit of searching for the drive, I still couldn't find it anywhere.  But they had so many people working that day lol.  Probably cause they thought they gonna be super busy or what not anyway, so sales kept popping up and asking if you need help or not.  I ended up asking one of them, and apparently they still have like 140 or so of those stacked up somewhere.  So I finally got it!   Man, I have so many externals now.... lol  I guess I will give my old 120GB WD ones to my sister. hehe  She was asking for it awhile back, and I told her, I will give the old one to her if I ever get a new one.  $69.99 for a 640GB external ain't too bad, no?  :)  It also only power on USB, no bricks attached!!! woot

Got an external enclosure while I was there too.  Cause my old computer is dead now.... Gotta find away to get my stuffs off those old HDs.  lol  Had 3 HDs on it, and they were all PATAs.  So, that's about 3 more externals I have... hahahah  Let see what I have now... So I have a 200GB + 500GB + 1TB + 640GB + 120GB.... hahaha That doesn't include the 3 PATA ones....  Uber cool...

hmmm let see what else I got from there....  Oh yeah... So ever since I got my BluRay player and TV, I haven't been able to stop buying cheap bluray movies.  lol  (I should like totally stop doing that...)  But how can I pass on $7.99 bluray movies?  I ended up getting Casino Royal, 9, The Bourne Ultimatum, Hot Fuzz and the Lord of the Rings collection ... lol  Casino Royal is pretty good.  I have only seen 2 different James Bonds so far, and Daniel Craig is my favorite actor for the series.  I haven't seen 9, have only seen the trailor for it.  Hope it's okay lol.  The bourne Ultimatum, mmmmmmm Mattttttttttt Damoooooooooon.  lol  I haven't seen this one neither.  I think last time when I tried to watch it, I fell asleep.  lol  But the two others in the series were pretty good, and this was a bluray AND DVD combo for only $7.99.  So yeah... haha  I will have to get the other two sometimes to complete the collection though...  Will just have to wait till they are $7.99 too. haha  As for Lord of the Rings collection, hmmm.. I THINK I saw them... lol  (might have fell asleep here and there though...)  I think I borrowed them from my friend and watched.  And Fry's only have them for $50 bucks, that's like 15 bucks less that everywhere else!  If I don't get it now, when should I??!?  :)  As for Hot Fuzz... haha  I wasn't really planning on getting that movie.  But it was like so weird, cause they were selling the movie for 27 bucks, but now only $7.99...  And it's a pretty fun movie, so I went and got it as well.  lol  So this is pretty much all the movies I have gotten from Fry's... Only a few, right? lol 

Then I went to Walmart after I got done with Fry's.  Had to return a towel bar that my aunt decided won't be using.  And then I went and got a book shelf... $25 bucks and one of those little hmmm plastic drawer kinda things.  Cause I don't have a dresser in my room yet... have to get something to put some of my stuffs in.  lol  As the bookshelf.  omg, that was crazy.  I decided to put it together on Saturday afternoon.  And man!  that was kinda scary.  lol  After I put it together, (almost done except haven't nailed the back cover piece up) I put it up and see, the shelf was moving...  lol  It was like moving pretty crazy, and I thought there's no way it's going to stay up.  Cause the top seems to be lot heavier than the bottom and you can tell the bottom two pieces are bending to the side.  So I was like... eh.... this is not going to work... Should I like return it? lol  But then I called my dad and asked him to see if the two bookshelves that I have at home are the same or not when he built them.  He said just nailed the back cover, and it should stabilize it just fine... So while I was still bit doubting how this is going to work, I went and finished it.  Amazingly the shelf is not moving anymore.  LOL  So now, I have another cheap bookshelf. haha 

And my weekend did not end just yet.  My face is still irritated, it has some red spots and it's itchy at places.  I guess the OLAY lotion with the sunscreen one doesn't really work for me. One Friday night, after my shower, my face was pretty dry.  So I went and put on some of those, and then my face started itching.  First I didn't really think it was cause of it, but I guess I should have known.  lol  It did cause my face to itch the last time I used it.  But it wasn't as bad last time though.  But I won't use that anymore... RIP stupid OLAY with SPF15 lotion!! lol 

Oh oh, finally watched Iron Man 2 on Sunday too.  :)  It also took away my IMAX virginity.  haha  I got to the theater yesterday and surprisingly they still have ticket left for the IMAX showing, so I guess I should give that a try, since I have heard many things about it, bigger screen and what not.  I actually wanted to see Avatar on IMAX before too, but those ticket were so hard to get, so I ended up only watching Avatar on regular showings.  So IMAX, it was actually pretty nice.  haha but I still have to complain that the sound was a bit too high at times though.  LOL  But the screen, images very nice.  It is 4 bucks more than regular showings though.  So it gotta be worth the money.  As for Iron Man 2, pretty good, I gotta say.  lol But they still talk too fast for me sometimes.... Hard for me to keep up with their crazy talkings.  lol I do hate that senator though... he looks sooo weird... Me no like him! lol   Scarlet very niceeeee.  lol  Love the moves, and man, wasn't she good at hacking as well?  lol  Overall, another bluray movies that I have to get.  I am still waiting for the first one to go on sale as well too.  hehe  Oh yeah, so I stayed till the end to see the little extra/tease that they have... totally don't get it!   But I knew they will just have another one out.  Looking forward to it!  :) 

ooh, almost forgot to mention another big change in my life from last weekend... haha  Finally decide to start trying to get healthy.  :)  3 days done now.  Gonna try to keep it up and many more days to come.  :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Finally got around to some pictures of the kids now.  :)  Actually I just took these today.  They are so big now!!

I cut their hair this time.  It was a bit shorter even before hehe.  It has grown out a bit now. 

The one with the red shirt is Edison and the one with orange shirt is Oscar.  So easy to tell them apart, right? :)

"Yay!!" - Edison

"Look at my furious fist!!!" - Oscar 
This is my aunt and grandma. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Fricks! My tooth is hurting again :( I think it's about time to go see the dentist... : sign :

Finally went to get some more shopping done for the place yesterday. Got a coffee table (it's going to be my foot rest as well haha) Finished assembling it together. I guess it doesn't look too bad for only 20 bucks. hehe  The little plant and candle as well.

Got a crazy lookie wall clock. They said it's pretty hard to see the time... But who needs to know the time, right? lol

Got a couple bathmats... The bathroom floor is like freezing every morning. So it's finally a bit warmer for my feet now.  Also bought a new laundry bag thingy.