Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday already...

Weekend is always not long enough...

Sister came up here for the weekend.  Her computer was being a bit of pain last week.  One of her professors is such a great Microsoft costomer.  They have to get and use Office 2010 for the class.  (well, I guess that's what that class is anyway...) but still... haha  But anyhow, so I had a copy of it.  I gave her the key over the web and have her go download the installer off the web.  But somehow, her machine was not liking it and kept erroring out.  So first I thought it was the pirated version of 2007 was messing with it. lol  So I had her got uninstalled it, then try to re-install 2010.  But that wasn't the issue neither.  So she was stuck without any office to work on.  So she brought the computer up during the weekend and I helped her wiping it and re-installed windows and Office 2010.  (I am so nice... lol)

We went to have some Pho on Saturday with the twins, grandma and great aunt.  Then took the kids and grandma home then we went to buy stuffs for hotpoting.  lol  Bought so much food once again.... Beef, lamb, tofu, noodle, veggies, mushrooms, fishballs, shrimp...  Oh we also bought things to make potstickers for my sister to take back.  It was pretty fun though.  But of course we didn't end up finishing all the food.  So I had to do it again last night.  lol  Not complaining though.  I love hotpoting also.  But it just fat.... Gained like 2 lbs.... 1 week of no food ahead of me.  (I can do it!!)

Finally today, they are going to start fixing the water leaking/flooding issue in the living room.  Hopefully it won't take too long.  They are going to break the floor and install some pipes there and let the water run out to the yard or something.  So I think when I go home today, half of my living room floor is going to be destroyed...  (well maybe not half, but still a bit...) 

Oh yeah, one of another most exciting things that I did last week was that I finally ordered a new laptop.  lol  Maybe not very very exciting, since it cost me 800 bucks.  (Thanks to Diana!!  That she will sign it off for me, and that saved me like 80 bucks almost of tax hehe)  Just have to go down to Oregon to pick it up when it's ready.  Hopefully soon.  Right now, I think the estimate time is 2/16/11.  Hope it will be done sometime next month, cause I have to go back home sometime in Feb.  So it would be great that I can pick it up on the way or something.  It will save me a trip.  haha  Here's the config for the machine.   It's not too bad I think.  Lenovo is pretty nice also, they let me upgraded my RAM for free.  Previously, I ordered mine like the day before they have the free RAM upgrade available.  It was suppose to be 2-DIMM of 8500DDR3.  So I called them the next day, and see if I can still get the upgrade or if I have re-submit a new order.  (it's pretty crazy too, they like have no option for you to cancel your order online lol.)  So now I have 1-DIMM 10600DDR3!!!  Meaning I would only have to get one extra DIMM if I want to make it 8GB!!!! hehehe

02/16/11 $799.48 $799.48
75Y0162 SBB M W7 XP MD- E
45M4572 VBB 4GBPC3-10600DDR3 1333SODMM

Still haven't told my sister that I bought a new laptop yet though hahahaha  When she was up here in the weekend, we brought up the conversation about getting a new laptop again. Cause the plan has always been I get a new laptop and give the one I have now to her.  She was like, "have you looked into a new laptop yet?" I was like, "nah, I don't want to get a new one yet."  lol  And she goes like "..."  But I told her I will give her this one when I see her next time.  So yeah, hopefully my computer will be here before I see her.  Otherwise I will have to break the promise again lol.  (finger crossed!!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bored at work today

Still not feeling well today. Stuffy nose is horrible.  I want to go outside and get cold.  I'd rather with runny nose than stuffy nose.  :(

I was a bit bored at work today (at least the first part of the day was...), the iTouch cam is pretty fun.  haha  Took a few pics without my glasses, not really use to seeing myself with glasses though.  haha  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Horrible Monday

Weekend is just never long enough.  Here is Monday already.  : sigh:

What did I do over the weekend?  Let see..... Saturday, made some pasta thingy that I bought from Costco.  They are pretty tasty.  8.99 you get like 4lb(?) of pasta, veggies and Chicken.  Just have to dump everything into a pan then 1/2 cup of water.  I usually add a tad more, cause I just don't think 1/2 cup is enough LOL Then great aunt made some sweet and sour pork ribs.  They were pretty good too!. 

Sunday morning - sick.  Had sore throat.  Probably catch a cold.  Not very fun. Fastforward to Monday. 

Sooo not too fun today.  Still sick.  Sore throat and all.  Got up in the morning and drove all the way to work, then realized I have forgotten the most important thing, even more important than my wallet.  (cause I forgot that too LOL)  About half way to work, I had realized that I forgot my wallet already, but meh.  Didn't really care that much, so I just kept on going.  Then when I got to work, no cardkey!!!!  Can't get into the garage, can't get into the lab.  Can't work.  :sigh:  So I had to turn the car around and drove all the way back home.  It was pretty crazy too.  The cardkey just drop right out of the dryer, when I open the dryer door.  hahaha Appearently I have washed it with my jeans the other night.... Only if I wasn't that lazy to take the laundry out.... :sigh:  Then I wouldn't have to wasted my time driving around this morning.  So sad...

But it was also a good thing that today is Monday though, cause I think everyone just didn't want to go to work yet.  So I actually didn't hit too much traffic driving back and forth.  Only this guy, this one old guy... He was one crazy mofo...  I was driving along, then sunddenly hit traffic.  I was like, "lameeee, finally hit traffic..."  Then I kept on driving for a bit, looked ahead, and saw it was totally empty in front of this one car.. He was going probably 30mph on a 60.. Like WTH...  There were like 5 cars between me and that car.  And everyone started passing him on the middle lane.  Yes, that jerk was on the fast lane.  I did the same when I pass him on the middle lane.  I looked over and try to see who the f is driving this slow in the morning, blocking everyone.  Old guy, white hair, and what was he doing? On the phone....  That's the time where you just wonderinig where the heck are the cops when they are needed?  These are the people needed to be fined.  For going too slow on the high way and on the phone!!  I mean come on now, if you going to drive slow, then move to the other freaking lane.  Actually, just don't drive, cause you will be blocking people on the right lane as well.  Gawd!!!  People should just learn how to drive. -.-

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

haha Bored sitting here (kinda)  So I will do the Fill in the Blank Friday for the week thingy as well.  From Diana from Lauren. (lol)

(stolen pic)

1. Winter is awesome! Except when it's snowing or super icey in work days.  (well, I guess that still can be good, cause that means no work!!! lol) But anyway, I am more a colder weather person, I love my bed cozy when I on it.  And winter is perfect.  Love it.

2. Summer is a bit too warm at times.  Love it when it's not overly hot though.  Because there are no AC here in the house in WA, so... not too much a fan of summer when it gets too hot.

3. If it were summer instead of winter right now I'd still wearing the same clothes except no scarf.  Why?  Cause the office still be as cold.  hahaha

4. My favorite thing to do in winter is lay in bed and just feel how cozy my bed is!!!  But really nothing in particular.  I live a bland life.  :)

5. My favorite thing to do in summer is ummm doing nothing in hot days.  lol  Does eating ice-cream count?  Eating ice-cream in summer is super yummy.  (well, I guess ice-cream is super yummy anyday!)

 6. The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is jeans, t-shirt, jacket (working days).  Jeans, t-shirt (non-working days) lol Well, probably shorts on non-working days as well. 

7. The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is jeans, t-shirt, jacket, scarf.  The office is still the same temp as summer.  lol  The only times that I get cold is in the car to wait for it to defrost in the morning.  So I have a blanket in the car to keep me warm in the morning.  Otherwise, there really not too much of a different.  lol

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The new guy sitting next to me

ARRRGGGG So let's rant about the people who you are working with today.  hahaha 

Just about a month ago, our team has merged with another team.  Well, maybe I should say, my manager has picked up 4 other guys from another team.  They just brought over all their works to the team. It used to be just me and my manager, I have my little corner here in the lab.  I was such a happy man.  lol  But one day, my manager told me, that we are going to get some more people into the team, since our work has been increasing lots over the year.  4 people - 4 Indians.... 3 of them are working over in India and one is here on site.  I was wondering how's that going to work.  He said, 3 of them are going to work just about 8 hours behind us. So we will be covering just about 16 hours of the day.  That's pretty cool.  He was telling me that could help me reduce some of my work loads and all.  (but really, I was pretty okay with all the work I was having... I think lol) 

Anyhow, fast forward to the day that the guy who is here has started his work with me.  He is, like I said, an Indian.  Probably 40's?  Really I cannot tell lol  But that's what I would be guessing.  Short (shorter than me...) fat (hahahah am I being rude?) He does not speak very well English.  I think my English is a bit better.  ;)  First day went pretty well I think. 

Where's the ranting you ask?  Here it is.  He is gross!  GROSS I say!!!!  I really donno how to tell him stop, cause you would think if anyone have some sort of decency, he will know that's nasty.  Every morning, and I MEANT EVERY MORNING, the first thing he start doing when he comes in is starting to pick his nose... Okay, I can understand that sometimes you just have the urge to pick it, but everyday??!?!? come on now.... And it's not just like once or twice, he just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on........... HOW MUCH CRAP can you have INSIDE the NOSE?!?!?!  Maybe he has like a giant storage inside or something.  lol  But anyway, that's not just the gross part... I sit on the right side of the table, and he's sitting on the left side of me.  He goes to pick his nose with his left hand... and then.... cross his left hand to his chest and start flicking it to the right... WHICH is where I am sitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ARRGGGG  I donno if he has gotten me with it or not before, because I try to just avoid looking at him at all.  It's nasty. 

Also, he is such a cry baby of a sort.... Like I mentioned before, he is short.... tad shorter than me.  He is using a laptop now, so the first day, he was asking me where the power plug is, I said it's up on the second shelf (which is not high at all)  He asked me if I can help him plug it in.  I was okay, no problem.  But then the next day, same thing... I was being nice and all.. and helped him for about 3 days straight.  But then I just stopped.  lol  Now he plugged the power in himself.  yay he learned. 

Soooo, what's even crazier was like.. about two weeks ago.  He was like, I want to buy a jacket.  I was like, oh?  There's a mall not far from here.  They should have plenty there.  He was like, you should come with me.  I was like, "eh?"  (really I did.. ) He was like, so you can tell me what's good and not.  I was like... "oh I donno what's good and not."  (wth....  I am not your personal stylist...)  So I guess he went there sometimes afterward and got this crazy looking brown-ish jacket.  lol  But I did try to be a nice guy and went to the bank and AT&T with him the other week.  Usually I don't even leave out the building for lunch or what not.  But I was like, what the heck, I can use some excersie so I went took a walk with him.  AND AND omg, he's so crazy lazy lol (I thought I was bad...)  There are like no water, coffee, soda on the floor we are on.  So we have to go up to second floor if I want to get something to drink.  SECOND floor, that's probably like 30 stair steps??  (it is a bit higher than the usual floor)  So I took him to use the stairs the first time I showed him where the kitchen is.. using stairs.  Cause I mean come on, I really think people will give you looks if you go up the elevator to the second floor.  Plus, with the stairs, you can lose like 5 cal from 1st to 2nd floor. 5cal!!!!!!!!  That's like 5 cal less from you!!! lol It's totally good for you!   But anyhow, he was complaining about the stairs after about 2 times.  I was like... eh.... And I had to go with him, cause he doesn't have all the accessibility to the lab yet.  So I actually used the elevator with him a few times... But not anymore now... thank god.  phew. 

And, like I mentioned earlier, his English is not too good.  A tad worst than mine, I should say.  Still, I cannot understand probably 70% of the time.  So when he asks me, I have to ask back couple times on what he meant and all.  But he has this face like... "what the hell, can't you understand what I say?"  and looking like he's so annoyed that I cannot understand what he's asking.  But serious, what the F!!  That annoying the heck out of me.  And he doesn't seem like the guy who listen to all what others have to say, before he adds in his own comments.  Just like today, he asked me if he wants to call someone, and the number for say is 1-8xx-COMCAST, he was like... how can I dial COMCAST? Do I need to press '1' 3 times to get C?  I was like.. no, you don't have to.  The letter there is for people to remember the number easier.  Then he goes like.. "huh?  what do you mean?"  "Someone told me you need to press it 3 times."  I was like.. no.. They are for people to remember the number easier.  You just have to press '1' once, it's the same.  Then he goes like, "I am not getting what you are saying."  I was like.. "ehh...."  I then went on COMCAST and showed him the number.  They have both the letter and then the number next to them.  I went showed him one letter and one number, one by one on his phone.  And then he goes like, "so you are saying, I don't have to press the '1' 3 times, but that's not 'C'"  I was like.. "......."  "They are just for people to remember the number easier, you don't dial it with the letters.  If you press '1' 3 times, it's not the number anymore.  You will have way too many numbers..."  Then he was like, "oh, I get what you trying to say. So you meant I will only have to dial the number once for them?"  I was like, "yeah"  Then he goes like "Will see."  ............................  WTF!!!  a huge F......... 

Anyhow, that's about it for today.  Phew, feels somewhat better.  hahaha

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

Alright, here's the year of 2011 already.

New year's goal:

1.  Update this blog... (hahahah I will!)
2.  Need to lose weight (first quarter)
3.  Need to lose more weight (second quarter)
4.  Need to lose even more weight (third quarter)
5.  Need to lose even+1 more weight (fourth quarter)
6.  I should fix my dang desktop or build another one
7.  Need to get a new laptop...
8.  Start watching the movies that I have bought... (or maybe unwrap them... LOL)
9.  Need to start my One Piece collection
10. Don't use too much money this year. 

That shall be!!