Monday, January 10, 2011

Horrible Monday

Weekend is just never long enough.  Here is Monday already.  : sigh:

What did I do over the weekend?  Let see..... Saturday, made some pasta thingy that I bought from Costco.  They are pretty tasty.  8.99 you get like 4lb(?) of pasta, veggies and Chicken.  Just have to dump everything into a pan then 1/2 cup of water.  I usually add a tad more, cause I just don't think 1/2 cup is enough LOL Then great aunt made some sweet and sour pork ribs.  They were pretty good too!. 

Sunday morning - sick.  Had sore throat.  Probably catch a cold.  Not very fun. Fastforward to Monday. 

Sooo not too fun today.  Still sick.  Sore throat and all.  Got up in the morning and drove all the way to work, then realized I have forgotten the most important thing, even more important than my wallet.  (cause I forgot that too LOL)  About half way to work, I had realized that I forgot my wallet already, but meh.  Didn't really care that much, so I just kept on going.  Then when I got to work, no cardkey!!!!  Can't get into the garage, can't get into the lab.  Can't work.  :sigh:  So I had to turn the car around and drove all the way back home.  It was pretty crazy too.  The cardkey just drop right out of the dryer, when I open the dryer door.  hahaha Appearently I have washed it with my jeans the other night.... Only if I wasn't that lazy to take the laundry out.... :sigh:  Then I wouldn't have to wasted my time driving around this morning.  So sad...

But it was also a good thing that today is Monday though, cause I think everyone just didn't want to go to work yet.  So I actually didn't hit too much traffic driving back and forth.  Only this guy, this one old guy... He was one crazy mofo...  I was driving along, then sunddenly hit traffic.  I was like, "lameeee, finally hit traffic..."  Then I kept on driving for a bit, looked ahead, and saw it was totally empty in front of this one car.. He was going probably 30mph on a 60.. Like WTH...  There were like 5 cars between me and that car.  And everyone started passing him on the middle lane.  Yes, that jerk was on the fast lane.  I did the same when I pass him on the middle lane.  I looked over and try to see who the f is driving this slow in the morning, blocking everyone.  Old guy, white hair, and what was he doing? On the phone....  That's the time where you just wonderinig where the heck are the cops when they are needed?  These are the people needed to be fined.  For going too slow on the high way and on the phone!!  I mean come on now, if you going to drive slow, then move to the other freaking lane.  Actually, just don't drive, cause you will be blocking people on the right lane as well.  Gawd!!!  People should just learn how to drive. -.-


Mini said...

hahaha!! Old people should not drive ESPECIALLY if they are on the phone!! >.< That sucks that you are sick, hopefully you will feel better soon! Aren't you on a diet? And you ate ribs and the pasta thing!?

Michael said...

hahaha I know! I like gain weights in the weekend, and then goes back down during the week. hehe