Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The new guy sitting next to me

ARRRGGGG So let's rant about the people who you are working with today.  hahaha 

Just about a month ago, our team has merged with another team.  Well, maybe I should say, my manager has picked up 4 other guys from another team.  They just brought over all their works to the team. It used to be just me and my manager, I have my little corner here in the lab.  I was such a happy man.  lol  But one day, my manager told me, that we are going to get some more people into the team, since our work has been increasing lots over the year.  4 people - 4 Indians.... 3 of them are working over in India and one is here on site.  I was wondering how's that going to work.  He said, 3 of them are going to work just about 8 hours behind us. So we will be covering just about 16 hours of the day.  That's pretty cool.  He was telling me that could help me reduce some of my work loads and all.  (but really, I was pretty okay with all the work I was having... I think lol) 

Anyhow, fast forward to the day that the guy who is here has started his work with me.  He is, like I said, an Indian.  Probably 40's?  Really I cannot tell lol  But that's what I would be guessing.  Short (shorter than me...) fat (hahahah am I being rude?) He does not speak very well English.  I think my English is a bit better.  ;)  First day went pretty well I think. 

Where's the ranting you ask?  Here it is.  He is gross!  GROSS I say!!!!  I really donno how to tell him stop, cause you would think if anyone have some sort of decency, he will know that's nasty.  Every morning, and I MEANT EVERY MORNING, the first thing he start doing when he comes in is starting to pick his nose... Okay, I can understand that sometimes you just have the urge to pick it, but everyday??!?!? come on now.... And it's not just like once or twice, he just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on........... HOW MUCH CRAP can you have INSIDE the NOSE?!?!?!  Maybe he has like a giant storage inside or something.  lol  But anyway, that's not just the gross part... I sit on the right side of the table, and he's sitting on the left side of me.  He goes to pick his nose with his left hand... and then.... cross his left hand to his chest and start flicking it to the right... WHICH is where I am sitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ARRGGGG  I donno if he has gotten me with it or not before, because I try to just avoid looking at him at all.  It's nasty. 

Also, he is such a cry baby of a sort.... Like I mentioned before, he is short.... tad shorter than me.  He is using a laptop now, so the first day, he was asking me where the power plug is, I said it's up on the second shelf (which is not high at all)  He asked me if I can help him plug it in.  I was okay, no problem.  But then the next day, same thing... I was being nice and all.. and helped him for about 3 days straight.  But then I just stopped.  lol  Now he plugged the power in himself.  yay he learned. 

Soooo, what's even crazier was like.. about two weeks ago.  He was like, I want to buy a jacket.  I was like, oh?  There's a mall not far from here.  They should have plenty there.  He was like, you should come with me.  I was like, "eh?"  (really I did.. ) He was like, so you can tell me what's good and not.  I was like... "oh I donno what's good and not."  (wth....  I am not your personal stylist...)  So I guess he went there sometimes afterward and got this crazy looking brown-ish jacket.  lol  But I did try to be a nice guy and went to the bank and AT&T with him the other week.  Usually I don't even leave out the building for lunch or what not.  But I was like, what the heck, I can use some excersie so I went took a walk with him.  AND AND omg, he's so crazy lazy lol (I thought I was bad...)  There are like no water, coffee, soda on the floor we are on.  So we have to go up to second floor if I want to get something to drink.  SECOND floor, that's probably like 30 stair steps??  (it is a bit higher than the usual floor)  So I took him to use the stairs the first time I showed him where the kitchen is.. using stairs.  Cause I mean come on, I really think people will give you looks if you go up the elevator to the second floor.  Plus, with the stairs, you can lose like 5 cal from 1st to 2nd floor. 5cal!!!!!!!!  That's like 5 cal less from you!!! lol It's totally good for you!   But anyhow, he was complaining about the stairs after about 2 times.  I was like... eh.... And I had to go with him, cause he doesn't have all the accessibility to the lab yet.  So I actually used the elevator with him a few times... But not anymore now... thank god.  phew. 

And, like I mentioned earlier, his English is not too good.  A tad worst than mine, I should say.  Still, I cannot understand probably 70% of the time.  So when he asks me, I have to ask back couple times on what he meant and all.  But he has this face like... "what the hell, can't you understand what I say?"  and looking like he's so annoyed that I cannot understand what he's asking.  But serious, what the F!!  That annoying the heck out of me.  And he doesn't seem like the guy who listen to all what others have to say, before he adds in his own comments.  Just like today, he asked me if he wants to call someone, and the number for say is 1-8xx-COMCAST, he was like... how can I dial COMCAST? Do I need to press '1' 3 times to get C?  I was like.. no, you don't have to.  The letter there is for people to remember the number easier.  Then he goes like.. "huh?  what do you mean?"  "Someone told me you need to press it 3 times."  I was like.. no.. They are for people to remember the number easier.  You just have to press '1' once, it's the same.  Then he goes like, "I am not getting what you are saying."  I was like.. "ehh...."  I then went on COMCAST and showed him the number.  They have both the letter and then the number next to them.  I went showed him one letter and one number, one by one on his phone.  And then he goes like, "so you are saying, I don't have to press the '1' 3 times, but that's not 'C'"  I was like.. "......."  "They are just for people to remember the number easier, you don't dial it with the letters.  If you press '1' 3 times, it's not the number anymore.  You will have way too many numbers..."  Then he was like, "oh, I get what you trying to say. So you meant I will only have to dial the number once for them?"  I was like, "yeah"  Then he goes like "Will see."  ............................  WTF!!!  a huge F......... 

Anyhow, that's about it for today.  Phew, feels somewhat better.  hahaha


Mini said...

I can't believe he picks his nose like that!! GROSS!! You should send him an anonymous e-mail! Sounds like an awful co-worker!

Michael said...

hahah anonymous email... I had thought about like... just hand him a paper towel or something when he does it... but it's still too awkard seems.