Friday, January 7, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

haha Bored sitting here (kinda)  So I will do the Fill in the Blank Friday for the week thingy as well.  From Diana from Lauren. (lol)

(stolen pic)

1. Winter is awesome! Except when it's snowing or super icey in work days.  (well, I guess that still can be good, cause that means no work!!! lol) But anyway, I am more a colder weather person, I love my bed cozy when I on it.  And winter is perfect.  Love it.

2. Summer is a bit too warm at times.  Love it when it's not overly hot though.  Because there are no AC here in the house in WA, so... not too much a fan of summer when it gets too hot.

3. If it were summer instead of winter right now I'd still wearing the same clothes except no scarf.  Why?  Cause the office still be as cold.  hahaha

4. My favorite thing to do in winter is lay in bed and just feel how cozy my bed is!!!  But really nothing in particular.  I live a bland life.  :)

5. My favorite thing to do in summer is ummm doing nothing in hot days.  lol  Does eating ice-cream count?  Eating ice-cream in summer is super yummy.  (well, I guess ice-cream is super yummy anyday!)

 6. The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is jeans, t-shirt, jacket (working days).  Jeans, t-shirt (non-working days) lol Well, probably shorts on non-working days as well. 

7. The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is jeans, t-shirt, jacket, scarf.  The office is still the same temp as summer.  lol  The only times that I get cold is in the car to wait for it to defrost in the morning.  So I have a blanket in the car to keep me warm in the morning.  Otherwise, there really not too much of a different.  lol

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