Sunday, May 9, 2010


Fricks! My tooth is hurting again :( I think it's about time to go see the dentist... : sign :

Finally went to get some more shopping done for the place yesterday. Got a coffee table (it's going to be my foot rest as well haha) Finished assembling it together. I guess it doesn't look too bad for only 20 bucks. hehe  The little plant and candle as well.

Got a crazy lookie wall clock. They said it's pretty hard to see the time... But who needs to know the time, right? lol

Got a couple bathmats... The bathroom floor is like freezing every morning. So it's finally a bit warmer for my feet now.  Also bought a new laundry bag thingy. 


Mini said...

The table looks nice!! Do you have your own kitchen too!?

Michael said...

hehe, nah. I just use the kitchen upstair if I need. And for the table, yeah it looks pretty good. but it's not too stable.... hahah I don't know if that's my fault or the product!!! (blame away on the product :) )