Monday, February 13, 2012


Man oh man, such a bad luck weekend I had... oh well... lol

Sooooooooo I am so failing on the $50 bucks a month challenge... Failed again this month... I just can't resist great deals... Well, I am still in process building out my wardrobe. (my excuse.. yap)  Well, I will try harder next month! LOL

I had been sooooooooooooooo busy this last week.  It was very stressful a few days at work.  Cause one of the thing we were going to migrate to, did not work out.  So we had to roll back to the previous thing, which could cause people issues ect ect.. But it turned out not much of a screamer.  So I was glad about that.  Next week is going to be a pain week.  Patching Wednesday is coming up, so that's gonna be a long day.  Besides that, we are going to have to decom all the machines in our old lab.  We are going try to start that on Tuesday.  That's not gonna be fun.  Overall, I think it's gonna be a pretty darn busy week.

So back to the weekend... Let see what have I done... hmmmm so I finally started watching Lord of the Rings. LOL man, that was a long movie, I think I fell asleep for a bit during it... hahahah  I am so bad at staying awake at watching movies sometimes.. That was Friday night.

Then Saturday morning, really wanted to go to the movies... lol so I went to watched Underworld... (Diana told me to pick it :p)  That was a pretty cool movie.  But yikes, it was pretty bloody and nasty at parts.  I am not too good with those things LOL BUT it was still pretty good.  Very short movies though, but I think they are going to make it into a few movies.... That girl totally looked like the chick from The Ring or whatever... scary looking chick hahah

After I got out the movie, I went get gas, and then called my great aunt.  She asked me to go over to have breakfast. So I did, then went shopping with my uncle. hahahahha  yap bought a few things... 1 shirt and 1 jacket, AND then two sleepwear pants (today).  He found those pants for me today though.  But those are pretty comfy ones I think, and my other ones are pretty wore out.  Time to change them!  So that's that... then went to the casino for dinner on Saturday.  Lost money......  Then tonight, lost some more....... bad bad bad weekend LOL  But it was pretty fun.  Oh well...

Oh yeah, finally starting to unwrap my One Piece manga few days back.  Love'em!!  One Piece FTW!!!!!!!


Mini said...

I can't believe you lost money both times >.< ! This was definitely not your week! Underworld was totally bloody, there some parts that were really gross. The little girl in the movie was so creepy too. The next movie is probably going to be good. That's good you got new PJ's! I didn't buy anything this weekend!! Woohoo still have my $50!

Michael said...

haha I totally went over my $50. BUT it was a pretty nice jacket though! AND it was like soooo cheap LOL It was almost like 75% off!