Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend recap

haha Was going to update it on Monday, but got little spaced over.... So let see if I can still remember what I did over the weekend...
So... I didn't end up making the brownies yet!  lol But I did get the unsweeten apple sauce with Diana's recommandation though.  I am going to be like not get fat!!!! hahahah  So I went pick my great aunt up on Saturday.  I take her to shop and then come over to our place to cook and hang out on Saturdays usually.  We went to the Asian store first, cause she wanted to make some "bao"?  Or w/e they called in English.  lol  It's like a little steam bread with meat inside.  We bought some grounded pork, shrimp and nappa for the fillings.  (we use the exact samething for wanton and dumplins.  hahah THEY are like SUPER good!!! hehe) I was trying to find the apple sauce over there as well, but as I thought, they don't carry it or something.  So we stopped by Safeway on the way home. 

Picked up quite a few things at Safeway as well.  haha  bought a little 8x8 pan for the brownies; the apple sauce (but omg, they didn't have like Motto unsweeten ones! So I got some O unsweeten ones lol That's like the only unsweeten ones they have.  So weird.)  So I was so ready to make the brownies and all.  But then when we were walking around the bakery, saw a cake.... hahah It looks like very good.  So we picked that up... hahah Brownie will be this weekend!!!!  Oh also picked some cream cheese up too . Probably not that healthy... but the strawberry ones are sooooo good!  They were like buy one get one free (@2.65 normal). I got one of the Chiave? Chieve? and onion.  I tried that one, it was pretty good too.  :)

haha anyhow, those little "bao" thingys turned out to be pretty hardcore.. LOL  It was my great aunt's first go at it.  The bread was bit too hard.  I had some of them, but only ate the bottom part and the inside LOL  It will be better next time. :)

That was Saturday.  Let see on Sunday.  hmmmm I went to Costco and the mall. I haven't been out to the mall for awhile now.  A friend is taking a new job over at a new building.  So I went and got him a card and some packaging stuff for the random junks that I picked up the weekend earlier.  lol  I got him a card from halmart? or what does that place call?  They like sell all the cards and little thingys.  I was having fun reading some of the cards.  They are so fun.  I think I spent like 30 minutes or something over there lol.  So much free time haha

I went to Sears first.  Cause I wanted to go see if there any shoes for the twins.  The pairs they have now are a bit tight.  So I went there and see if they have bigger ones and all.  I found them pairs of Ironman lights up ones.  But the size is kinda crappy.  They like don't have many sizes of them at all.  I was hoping they have a size bigger than the one I bought them, but that lady was like.  "oh no, that's all we have."  Suckie.. and omg, that chick is like so small... hahaha She's like at around my check only I think.... Made me felt HUGE. 

Sears had a coupond for 10 bucks off 50 and 20 bucks off 75 over the weekend.  So, the shoes were total at 40.  So I walked around the store to see if anything that I want to pick up as well.  Ended up, picking up two long sleve shirts, two sweaters and a bag for grooming stuffs? or w/e they are called.  Went back to the shoes department to pay, cause I left the shoes there with them.  Probably should have just carried them and paid elsewhere.  Gawd, remember that small chick?  She's like new or something.  Took her like forever to scan and put my infos in.  At the very begining, I already asked her if I can use the coupond on the shoes and stuff already.  She looked at it and was like, "yeah, that's fine."  So she scanned everything, got my infos in.  And she was like, $82.  Then I handed her the coupond. 

Her: Oh yeah.
Me: Yap.
Her: (she scanned the barcode, not showing up.  She turned and asked the other chick who's working there) It's not taking the coupond, what should I do?
Her2: Try this blablhalhb
Her: It's still not working
Her2: Are the items clearence?
Her: yes, they all are
Her2: Probably doesn't work on them
Me: ... .... But it says clearence and everything...
Her2: (looked over the coupond and was like) oh it does say that.  So weird.  You should do this balbhabh (to Her) But it will need to void the whole thing and redo everything
Her: Do you want to do that?
Me: (What kind of fking question is that????) Yeah... It's like a 20 bucks coupond...
Her: okay

Anyhow, so it took her another two tries or something.  She still couldn't get it to work.  So they called another dude to help.  And that dude couldn't get it to work neither.  So another chick stopped by.  So it was okay after a long while.  But yeah, do you want to take 20 bucks off? Are you sure you don't want to pay more????

After Sears, walked around the mall some mall.  Got a couple wind-up toys at this one place.  They are like a buck a piece.  Got 7 actually hahaha.  Out of all those.. The fking one that I didn't check it doesn't work.  Maybe I should take it back LOL 

That's about it for the weekend.  It was a bit more fun than the week earlier hahaha Such blank life :)

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Mini said...

Try the applesauce!! I hate it when people don't know how to apply the coupon especially when it's a lot of money you are going to save from it!!