Friday, March 11, 2011


woot woot, TGIF.  Weekend is almost here.  So glad it's Friday already.  I had a very long day yesterday.  Not sure if it was the result of me having too much sleep the night before or not. hahah

It was the second day of my patching days.  The tool I uses was giving me crap all day.  My scheduled time usually gets done with them at 2.  But NOooot yesterday, I didn't get all of them done till like 4:15.  Freaking lame.  I was busy through out the whole day.  But on top of that, Mr. Nose guy kept bugging me yesterday.  I pretty much went off on him.  lol  I felt kinda bad afterward.  Keep to control my rage. wooooooosaaaaaaaa wooooooosaaaaaaa  haha  Anyhow, I am not going to go into that today.  I will leave it for another long ranting post on that.  lol

Gawd, just starting to set up 5 virtual machines.  5 different OS lol how very fun.  :)

Hmmm donno what I am going to do this weekend yet.  (just like every weekend. LOL)  Oh I think I am going to make some brownies.  lol I bought a box last week.  Gonna make some for the little kiddies at home and see if they like it or not.  I have been wanting to make some for a long time.  But my grandma and aunt, they are like... "Go ahead and make them"  I will be like, "are you going to eat them?"  "Not really.  We probably will eat like a tiny piece."  "........"  I don't want to eat all of it myself.  It will like make me fat!!!  I am like always gain some weight back during weekends.  One thing I don't really like about it.  hahaha

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Mini said...

Instead of using oil in the brownies like the packages says, use unsweetened applesauce (the same amount as the oil), it makes them low-fat and they pretty much taste the same!! Let me know how the brownie baking goes!!