Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GAWD please help that Sears Chick

Oh my gawd!!!  That Sears chick is piece of #!$#$!!! 

So woke up this morning, was going to put on those shirts that I got last weekend from Sears... picked it up... "What's this sound I am hearing?"  It was like something dangling on the sleeves... Took a look... That stupid chick forgot to take those security thingys off!!! On both of my shirts!!  Piece of %!^$%#$  I thought those will make the thing go off if you don't have them off.... But I guess appearently not.  Now, I have no shirt to wear AND have to go back to Sears this weekend or something and get them off.  Cause it says on those things, "Attempt to break this will result in the ink break" or some crap like that.  Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So mad!!  I hope they don't think I stole these when I go in... It will be funny if they do... Better go find my receipt when I go home today...

On top of that, got a mail at work today with information about the tolling on i-520.  That's totally bull!  Well, I don't have to use that bridge like... ever, cause it's not on my route.  Thank god!!!  They are tolling $3.50 each way from 7 am to 9am.  Then other rates during the other times...  That's totally insane.  That bridge only have like two lanes.  And pretty much traffic jam every single day.  And they are going to toll the people for that much to build a new one or something.  Feel sorry for those who has to use it... (but on the other hand... also thanks to that, they are not taking out it on tax...)  Oh well, I don't know...  But I really think this might f up the route I am using.  I take the other bridge to work i-90.  (There are like only 2 bridges to cross the lake lol)  I guess they are not overly close, so people might still not change their routes to waste the gas... Since gas is so expensive nowadays too.... But what's even more mess up is like... they are charging people to get the sticker for the electronic tolling too!!!  It's like another 5 bucks for that piece of $%$@#!!! 

Oh, so if you don't have the account, they are still going to get you.  They have cams to take pics of the license plate.  And it will mail to your car registration address with another $1.50 added.  So don't ever use that bridge if you around here!!! lol 

Oh what's so funny is like.. on the email that I got from work. This is what it said, "Electronic tolling equipment will be installed on overhead gantries at the east high-rise of the SR-520 Bridge and will read your Good to Go! pass or scan your license plate as you travel at normal highway speeds. " hahahah Interesting, eh?  Too bad that bridge is always jamming... otherwise, you can maybe try ta like...  you know... speed out of it HAHAHAHA  (but then again, it's probably not worth it if you get caught speeding .....)

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Mini said...

Omg that sucks about the sensor stuck on your shirts! That has happened to me before and it's such a hassle having to take it back!! The bridge tolling is awful >.< !!