Monday, April 4, 2011


: sigh :  It's Monday already.  lol  Weekend is never too long.

Let see what I did this weekend.  ummmm  Not too happy to see the scale earlier before bath... LOL  Need to work on it more... (one thing I hate about weekend so much!!)

Omg, I was so tired on Friday night for some reason.  I was sitting in front my computer and was falling asleep around 9?  And then got up around 5 lol  Then went back to sleep... till like 10.  So much sleep. hehe

So Saturday, let see.  ummm...  Finally made the brownies hahaha  It turned out pretty good.  I loved it!! (not too well on my diet though lol)  So I went with the Apple sauce instead of the oil as Diana suggested.  It turned out great.  I think it's the same as with oil... (probably... LOL I had made it like twice so far back in the school days, can't really recall that well...)  But it was pretty good with the apple sauce.  The brownie that I got was with some caramel on top.  I totally forgot to spread them though LOL  So it was only like 4 huge lines across haha

So Saturday continues.  Went to Old Spaghetti Factory, with uncle, aunt and great aunt.  First time there.  That place was pretty nice.  Kinda interesting seatings though.  There's like a cart? or whatever that called in the middle of the restaurant lol  Then we went over to Nordstrom Rack for a "walk"  lol I have been to that place like 3 times?  or something last week.  It's like crazy.  It was pretty fun.  They kept finding me expensive clothes to try on.  There was this Burberry coat.  It was pretty nice, but totally expensive. lol  They kept telling me that I should like get it LOL I should like take a pic of it next time or something.  (but that would be so weird.  hahaha cause I was trying it on outside, not in the fitting room... people would totally look at me weird if I were to take a pic there, i think...)

So here comes Sunday.  Went over to my uncle's house round noon.  They are taking me out to lunch again. haha so much food... We went to this Chinese restaurant and had some lunch.  Some as in a huge lunch... Then we went over to the Chinese grocery store.  After that, we went to Costco.  They wanted coffee from there.  I had a berry smoothie there too.  Love it.  I was looking at jewelries with my great aunt.  Her and my other aunt wants to get a diamond ring.  So we were just checking them out and the such for a while.  I probably buy my mom a necklace this year too.  Maybe for her birthday.  Will see.  hehe

So after Costco, we went over to the Bellevue mall.  LOL yes, more shopping!!! Well, not necessary shopping, just to look around and the such.  hahahah Gotta have some walk to lose those lunches.. you know.  lol  We went to check out some suits for me.  Cause I have a wedding to go to in Sep or so I think, in San Jose.  And I don't really like the old one I have... Bought that one in China during our last visit.  It felt very heavy and all.  So we went checked out some at Macy while we were there.  Actually found some pretty nice.  Of course, I didn't end up buying them yet.  lol  Let see how much weight I can lose before than!!!

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Mini said...

So much shopping around and eating! I'm glad the brownies turned out well! You should get that suit it looks nice on you! Macy's usually has good deals on suits too.