Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Whoa, Monday you are here again already.  Such sneaky...  But at least it was pretty nice out when I drive to work.  So it's not too bad.  lol

Let see what I did this last weekend.   hmmmmm  Looks like my weekend was spent shopping again... Gawd, I should probably stop buying stuff. 

Woke up ummm around 9-ish.  Went up stair check on the kids around 11 and see what they want to eat.  lol And they wanted pizza, so I went to Costco and got a whole pizza for them.  And gawd, Costco is always ALWAYS so busy.  Where the heck are all these people from? lol  And there are like zillion Costco around here too.  (I went to like 3 different ones this weekend......................... LOL YES, THREE!!!!)  So picked my great aunt up on the way back from Costco.  I got her a new slot machine game.  haha  It's so crazy.  She's like learning how to use the computer for that sole purpose.  My aunt was like, "and you said you electronics are so hard to learn  blah blah, but not when it comes to gamble."  lol  This one is the second one I thiefed online.  The first one was not very good.  I didn't like it much.  But this second one is nice.  It's a lot closer to the ones we find in the restaurant.  lol  So she played it pretty much all day the time she was over at Saturday I think.  lol  

My uncle called me probably an hour after we got home.  He was like, "want to go shopping?  Let's go to the Bellevue mall."  I was like, "are you looking to get something?"  "donno.  Why stay home?  Let's go walk around."  "Okay" "I am heading over now."  LOL  So he picked me up.  We went get some pho first.  (cause we saw like a freaking huge traffic jam on I-5.  So we had to change the route... and just went to eat pho first lol)

We went to the Costco over at Issaquah first.  (second Costco of the weekend... LOL)  He likes to get coffee from Costco.  So pretty much that's all we got from there.  All the way over there. HAHAHA  Well, we did walked around the store for awhile.  He saw a Catier watch... Freaking $5,600 or something like that.  Appearently one of his friend is wanting one or something.  So he's checking it out for him.  Crazy peeps.  Anyhow, I got a berry smoothie from there.  Gawd, I just never tied of it lol  So we ended up didn't getting anything from there. 

Headed back to the Bellevue mall after there.  Two main stores we hit.  (The two stores he loves the most lol Macy and Nordstrom)  He's like pretty weird, he would drove all the way to a mall and would just like two check out a couple stores.  LOL  I would not be able to do that.  I would just like walk around it till maybe my legs are dead.  hahah  So anyway, Macy's first.  I got a hooded shirt from it.  Yeah... seems like I am the ones been finding clothes the last couple weeks...  haha  It's a pretty cool hooded shirt though.  Gotta wear it sometime :)  Then we went over to Nordstrom...  And gawd, that's where my money blew at this last weekend.  LOL  I got a Northface jacket...  I was like totally not planning on it.  But we HAD to find one there and it's on sale...  Donno if it's luck or not hahahah  I helped my uncle (this is the one I staying with) got one from Moosejaw last week.  It was a dark blue one.  For $81 bucks with the discount and all.  They are so weird.  They would like have any colors on sale BUT not the black one.  Normally I don't think it matters as much for the color.  But gawd, the black northface ones just never go on sale.  They are still like $165 at moosejaw.  Black and gray ones I think.  Like every single one out there in the US is wearing one...  The one that kinda wanted to get was the softshell ones.  I like it how you can wear them in the rain and all.  But nope, that's not the one I got.  haha 

So anyway, back to Nordstrom.  We were walking around and found the section that they had the northfaces at.  (yap, we were there last week... lol)  So we were looking through it.  And I was like, "Oh there's a size L here."  (He was looking to help a friend to get one.)  All they had last week was XL ones.  So I tried it on.  And gawd, it felt so big.  LOL  I guess they run a bit larger than the normal L or something.  He was like, "yeah, it's bit big on you.  That other dude's is a size smaller or something."  There was another guy there trying on another one next to us.  LOL  He tried it on and went to check it out on the mirror and such.  We were just like standing there, waiting and hoping he will put it back. hahhahaha It's pretty funny.  Cause the other guy was like talking to his gf about it.  Don't really know what they are talking about, but doesn't seem like he will be taking it.  There's hope... hahahaha  Anyway, so he put it back on to the rack.  My uncle went and got it.  Size M :O  What a rare find. LOL  Seriously though... They like never had smaller sizes on sale.  He had been checking on them like all the time, all they had are oversized ones.  He wasn't even able to find size L ones.  But today, two smaller sizes.  Pretty crazy luck.  lol Anyhow, the size M fitted just fine on me.  (crazy huh?  I has been getting clothes with size M lately.  Does that mean my diet is working out alright? hehehe  I had gone from getting clothes XL to M...)  Even though the jacket fitted well, but the price still a bit above what I would normally spend on.  haha It's still $110!!!!  So I was thinking about if I should get it or not.  My uncle was like, "are you crazy?  What are you still thinking about for? You should like totally get it. It's like super hard to find black ones for that much."  So yap, couple weeks of no casino, I can get it.  hahaha So we walked out there with two Northface jackets, and another $110 out of my pocket.  That was how my Saturday ended.  lol

So there came Sunday.  Another day of shopping.  Yap another day.  This time, destination, Seattle Premium Outlet mall.  Went over to my great aunts around 12.  Helped her installed the slot machine games hahaha on the laptop that she's using and my uncle's desktop.  We went to have lunch, then head up north after that.  Before we get to the outlet.  That's where the third Costco I hit this weekend.  LOL  Yap, they stopped for coffee again. hahaha  I didn't get berry smoothie this time, I got the latte smoothie. It was pretty alright.  I think I will stick with the berry next time though.  haha  Cause I don't want the coffee to stain my teeth :p)  So we walked around there.  More money spent there for me again... So on Saturday, we saw a pair of jeans over at the other Costco, I almost bought.  But I didn't get it cause my uncle didn't find the size he needed as well.  And I didn't feel like waiting in line for that one thing. lol  So I held off getting it on Saturday.  But on this one, he found his size, and dang, they have my size too... So what can I do?  I got a pair too.  lol  So I walked out there with a pair of jeans and a doze of addidas socks.  That I was going to get like 3 weeks ago.  But I accidently got the wrong size.  So I had to return those ones.  And they had them at this Costco as well.  So I picked them up also.  Third Costco trip ended.  haha

So onward to the outlet.  We went to Eddie first.  They found a vest for my great aunt.  $15 bucks.  It's pretty good for it.  So I picked up one for my grandma as well.  Then we saw a jacket it's pretty nice, so we picked it up for my aunt.  Then I got one more vest for my mom.  LOL  So I can use the 15% off $75 or more purchase.  (the one for my grandmas is too small though... So will have to go back and do some exchanges this coming weekend.  Hopefully I don't find ANYTHING on sale for myself :p lol)  So we looked around a couple more stores, that was it.  My uncle was like, time to go.  I was like, LOL "but we just got here...."  LOL  He drove for 40 minutes?  over here for like two stores.  hahahah So crazy.  But I did went to the ones I want to check out though haha 

Anyway, on the way back, we stopped at Northgate mall.  LOL  ANOTEHR mall.  Same old same old, Macy and Nordstrom we went. lol  Again... I walked out with something.... It's a casual shirt.  Soooooooooooooo yeahhhhhhhh  That's all it went down this weekend.  Not too much, rite?!!?


Mini said...

OMG you bought a lot of stuff!! You need to post pictures of it thought!!! SO MANY COSTCO'S LOL!

Michael said...

I KNOW!!! There are like zillion of them around here!! lol I donno how to take good pics of the clothes LOL