Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's the point?

Check out this conversation....  What's the point?

Sukhen Tiwari (HCL America Inc) 8:15 AM
Michael Li (Chinasoft) 8:15 AM
Sukhen Tiwari (HCL America Inc) 8:15 AM
are you in Redwest?
Michael Li (Chinasoft) 8:15 AM
for now, yes
Sukhen Tiwari (HCL America Inc) 8:16 AM
will you come CCP?
Michael Li (Chinasoft) 8:16 AM
Sukhen Tiwari (HCL America Inc) 8:17 AM
good have a nice day!!
Michael Li (Chinasoft) 8:17 AM
k, thanks
LOL  Sooooo yeah, he asked me again yesterday, that I am not adding him on facebook.  I was like, "nope, I don't add anyone on facebook."  He was like, "but you added Andrew and that other guy from the other side." "You meant Patrick?" He was like, "yeah"  Then I just stopped talking to him.
Can he really not get the hint that I do not want to add him?  It almost make me feel bad.  lol But seriously though, if I added him, then I wouldn't be able to bitch about him on facebook.  Why should I do that? :p lol


Mini said...

OMG I can't believe he wants you to add him on facebook!! When will he ever get the hint!!

Michael said...

hahahah I know! Totally not adding him. Ever!!