Friday, July 1, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

haha alright, I will do the Fill in the Blank Friday today. lol Totally don't feel like working at all today.  I think not many people around today neither.  Don't think they were expecting lots around neither lol  Cause the cafeteria is on limited service today too. hehe

So July has started, totally failed my diet gold for the second quarter... Yeah... failed.  lol  I will try to get it done this quarter!!!

1. The best news I ever received was:  hmmm... maybe when I got the job? I donno haha  My life is pretty plain most of the times.  But getting the job definary one of the good news.  Hate job hunting, and hate being asked if have jobs already blabhalhbhalbh etc etc etc.  I really don't like compared with others on what jobs they have, but that's what parents and relatives do at times.  I guess they were not at bad intentions, but those talks just not very nice hahaha and can and will put pressure on their kids.  Well, I guess I would be like that if I am a parent as well.... But well, try to not over do it :p  LOL  (got side tracked... )

2. Something I'm looking forward to is:  this weekend?  lol  Johnny and bunch of his friends are coming up here for the long weekend.  I think it will be pretty fun.  They are gonna stay Saturday night and leave Sunday night I believe.  I will try to blog about the weekend... If I am not too lazy.  LOL

3. Something I would never do:  smoking. (have to steal it from Diana too hahaha)  Well, I was gonna say I can't stand it... But when we go to the casino, there are quite a bit of smoke there... so I can't say that lol But I would totally avoid it if I can.  They can make me cough when I walk by at the street already.  But yeah, no smoking!

4. If I could choose someone to be my life coach (famous or not, life or dead) I'd choose: hmmmmm no clue.  LOL  Don't know enough people to make that choice.  hahaha Side track for a bit, so I have been reading many posts on the Chinese Twitter Ripoff site lately.  One of them are all about blood type and stuff.  Apparently, I do not care anything that doesn't have much to do with me.  So maybe it's true for me?  (ummm does that even make sense? lol)

5. If I had to put a label on my style it would be: um donno much about styling.  I will try that once I have lost some fat.... haha

6. One should always: respect others?  Probably have to be build on mutual respect.  I meant if someone keep flicking booger at you, you don't have to respect it as much, don't you think? :) Well, I meant, I still respect that guy, I am not like a total ass or whatever, I just get angry at some stupid questions at time.  Stupid questions, and I really meant it!

7. I want to: lose weight.  Yes, I am too fat.  Totally need to work on that.  LOL

Okay, just about to submit the post, did spelling check, is it ect or etc??!?!?!  I like never know what exactly that one is.  But it showed ect highlighted, so I changed it to etc... hahaha

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Mini said...

I hate it when parents compare you to others too, it's so annoying!! I totally agree that people need to respect others too!