Thursday, April 17, 2008

Omg, the Internet is Gone!!

oh man, South Park is just keep getting better and better... hahaha This week's South Park is just pretty much awesome. lol

It's so very true though, Internet has become like one of the most important things there is. It still makes me kind of mad that our place is service by Comcast or Charter or any big companies. The stupid provider that we stuck with is BroadStripe. It's sucks soooooooo hard, jeez!! You would think that like almost all the companies that provide supports will have 24/7, right? Think again! This company sucks ass!! Just a couple weeks ago, the Internet stopped working at our place. So I went did the power off / reset and such. It still doesn't work, so I was like wt^! I then called the company, there weren't anyone answering. They were like, "oh, we are closed now, please call back tomorrow during our business hours." Like what the hell.

OHH actually when I first set up the internet, it was even worst. The stupid guy who came and set up the internet didn't wrote down my router right, it was like a 8, and he wrote down B. So I called them, that time there was a chick there, but she was pretty much like, "oh... I can't help you. I am pretty much just here to take phone calls, and don't know shit about anything. I can't help you with any of your questions/problems. I can take it down, they can call you back next morning." I was like... eh.... I know they wrote down my number wrong, can't you just changed it?" And nope, none help from that chick at all!!! So I was like all happy that I will have internet all day, and then find out not till tomorrow. Made me so sad. oh god, how much I hate that company. It's not like they are cheaper or anything. They are like the same price as all others, EXCEPT NO Services!!! jeez....

But anyhow, back to South Park of this week... hahahah Stan's dad is so mess up. LOL Internet Porn Simulator is the way to go, lol!!

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